What is the Smartest Top European Team Wager: Early World Cup Betting Odds

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The World Cup is just over a week away and bettors are looking for a better way to win money, in other words: a smart bet.

Considering that most of the betting action under French gambling laws will go on who will lift the trophy or individual matches of Les Bleus, there will be plenty of overlooked markets. It is always best to wager on something only a few people place their bets on. The less popular the market – the bigger the payout.

One of such overlooked markets at land-based and online sportsbooks in France is the Top European Team. Considering the fact that the Old Continent is represented by the biggest number of teams in Brazil: 13 out of 32, there are a lot of options to choose from.

And while Brazil and Argentina may lead the Outright Winner markets with the shortest odds to lift the trophy after the final, European teams are right there on their heels. Naturally, each private continental battle will also be fun to watch and certainly bet on with sportsbook no deposit bonuses offered at a variety of online betting destinations.

The favorite European teams at World Cup

Yes, there’s plenty to choose from for those who bet on sports in France for the top European team. The favorites are of course Germany (third in line to win the World Cup) and Spain (the current title holders). But there are eleven more countries and each of them offers something the others do not.

Betting on top European team at the World Cup

  • Germany and Spain are the favorites among European sides
  • Many online sportsbooks in France
    are already accepting bets

  • The French team offers the best value considering their draw

France, Belgium, Italy, England, Portugal, Croatia, Greece, Holland, Switzerland, Russia, and Bosnia & Herzegovina will be making their way to South America. Traditionally, European teams have not been doing well at World Cups held on that continent, but this might be a year for a change.

In any case the lines for which country will end up being the best from the European 13 are rewarding enough for punters to forget about the outright winner market for a moment. Joachim Low’s team are the favorites of course in this private competition too: Germany got 3.50 odds from Bovada to become the best European team. However, Germany received one of the toughest groups: Portugal, Ghana, and USA, making their way to glory more difficult.

But Die Manschaft are still the favorites to top their group with 1.57 odds. If they do qualify for the last 16 top of their group they are highly likely to face South Korea, Russia, or Portugal, which shouldn’t be a problem for the Germans. But later in the quarters they can meet France, which may provide a real obstacle.

World and European Champions Spain are not expected to perform very strong at this World Cup, they’ve only got a line of 7.50 to retain their title, making the Spaniard fourth in line. But they are also the second team after Germany to be the best from Europe with 4.00 odds.

Spain also got a pretty tough group with Holland, Chile, and Australia alongside them. Moreover, Vicente del Bosque’s team could very well face either Brazil or Croatia in the last 16, making their route to the final extremely difficult. If they do make it to the quarters it could be England or Italy awaiting them there.

Belgium are third in line among European teams with 8.00 to be the best of the continent and 19.00 odds to lift the trophy in Rio. However, Marc Wilmots is relying on a very young team, which can easily face Portugal in the last 16 making their progress a tough one indeed.

Good value odds on Top European Team

Next up are Didier Dechamps’ men, fourth in the running among European teams. Betting on France to be the Top European Team could provide a nice payday for smart bettors with 9.00 odds given at the bookies. The French were very lucky with the draw receiving Switzerland, Honduras, and Ecuador in the group.

It was a relief for Les Blues to get such a group especially considering the fact that they’ve just squeezed pass Ukraine in the qualification playoffs. The 17 points they’ve collected during qualifying wasn’t enough to grab the first spot, which was taken by Spain.

What makes choosing France as top European side is the fact that should they top their group (which there’s no reason for them not to) they will most probably get either Bosnia-Herzegovina or Nigeria in the last 16. Again not the toughest of competitors, which pretty much means that the French can easily reach the quarters. But at this point they will probably be facing Germany, and this fixture will decide who gets to win the best European team unofficial title.

Other European teams at World Cup

Italy cannot be written off, and with 13.00 odds to top the continent, the Azzurri are pretty much in contention. The same goes for the Netherlands, also at 13.00 odds, but both teams have pretty rough groups, including the “Group of Death” for Italy. Holland on the other hand can end up facing Brazil in the first knockout round in case they go second in their group.

Portugal got 15.00 odds to become the top European team, while England are right on their feet with 17.00. Russia are distant dark horses with a line of 34.00, and both Croatia and Switzerland got almost impossible chances valued with a line of 41.00. World Cup debutants Bosnia received 51.00 odds, and the least probable candidate to win the Top European Team is Greece with massive 101.00 odds.

Why France is the smart choice

Considering all the above-mentioned facts, it does look like France are the best choice for the top team from Europe. Didier Dechamps’ side got the easiest group, and not very tough possible opponents in the last 16. This will give them plenty of time to prepare for a highly likely clash with Germany in the quarters, who by this time will have to be pretty tired. All this makes the 9.00 odds given on France a very promising investment indeed.

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