What is Matka Gambling? – How and Where to Play It?

  • Here is the history of Matka gambling
  • What is Matka gambling? Rules explained
  • See where you can play Matka!
What is Matka Gambling

Have you been hearing Matka gambling more often lately? Have you been wondering ever since, what on earth can that be? And also: have you been thinking about trying it sometime? We get it: it is something mysterious that is becoming more popular these days. To find out everything about what Matka gambling is, keep on reading!

There have always been trends in gambling – and in the last couple of years, online gambling. There was a time when it was all about horse racing and greyhound racing. Sports betting has been around since like forever. Not to mention the lottery, which has been popular ever since it has been around! And today, it is all about Matka gambling – a game that has been around since before the Indian independence! You can see blogs about it, online gambling news sites in the US writing articles about it, and gamblers chatting about it. But what is Matka gambling exactly? Where does it come from? And how can you play it? Even more importantly: where can you play it? Here are the answers for you.

What is Matka gambling?

What is Matka Gambling
Matka – Image via Flickr

Matka is basically a form of gambling, also referred to as Satta. It is a kind of betting and lottery. Originally it involved betting on the opening and closing rates of cotton that was transferred from the New York Cotton Exchange to the Bombay Cotton Exchange. It was invented before the era of Indian Independence. Back in the day, it was called Ankada Jugar, meaning “figures gambling”. But in 1960, they altered the system a little bit, so it could be played without having to transmit cotton all around the world. And so that the odds were more favorable for the public. They found other ways to generate random numbers. One way was to pull slips from a large earthenware pot, called Matka. Another way is to deal with playing cards. It reached its popularity peak in the 1980s and 1990s.

And what do you need to know about Matka gambling today? Well, people can engage in Matka gambling in casinos and online casino sites in the US, like Betway Casino. The center of business today is around Maharashtra. However, Matka gambling is illegal in India. Keep on reading to see Matka’s gambling rules and where to play Matka!

Matka gambling explained

One of the most popular sites, Betway is on to explain what Matka gambling is. According to the site: “Matka is a simple lottery-style betting game which involves guessing two random numbers between 1-9. Among several types of markets, you can win up to 999x your stake by correctly guessing the right sequence of numbers.”

But how to play Matka? The game starts with you (the player), who picks the first set of three numbers – always between 0 and 9. These three numbers add up to one sum. The first digit of the number you got, is always dropped, so you are left with one digit. Then, you multiply the last number from the set you chose, with that one digit. After that, you need to do this one more time. This way, you will have two sets of numbers – the third number from both multiplied with that one number you got from the sum.

Now, you have the two selections – so you can choose your bet! There are several different bets you can place, based on the numbers of your choice. It can include a bet that would return 9x your stake if your selection is correct! Once you placed the bets, they draw the winning numbers. They immediately pay the winnings out. So, these are the Matka gambling rules, you need to know if you are about to try it.

Where to play Matka?

As we mentioned above, there are several online casinos in the US, where you can try Matka. On Betway, you are good to go! First, of course, you should read the above-explained rules, and make them sink. After that, you can check in on the site, and try your new knowledge. Get ready, it is Matka time!

You can discover more about Betway Sportsbook here.

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