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Posted: July 9, 2020

Updated: July 9, 2020

  • Responsible Gambling Trust is one of the leading charitable organizations dedicated to the treatment and prevention of gambling problems.
  • For the past years, the organization has been fighting against addiction problems.

What is the Responsible Gambling Trust (RGT)? It is one of the leading charitable organizations dedicated to the treatment and prevention of gambling problems. They founded RGT several years ago to minimize the harm that one can obtain from irresponsible gambling. For the past years, the organization has been fighting against addiction problems. Therefore, the staff at RGT is confident that the ludoman should receive expert help and psychological support as quickly as possible.

Participants of Responsible Gambling Trust 

RGT expressly states that all firms and companies that operate in the field of gambling should be active opponents of the development of addiction. Moreover, the organization is financed from the budget of institutions providing gambling services on different continents. Besides, there is a flexible system of donations. Anyone can provide financial support with the amount of money that one considers necessary. Additionally, the participation of online casinos in the UK in the organization is confirmed by a special electronic sign. Such a policy of RGT during the reporting period from 2013 to 2014 managed to collect about six million pounds.

Research field

RGT specialists concentrate on the development of new methods of combating gambling addiction everyday. Besides, they also focus on the refinement of existing methods to increase their effectiveness. Work is underway concerning understanding the mechanisms of the formation of gambling addiction. This research helped us formulate Responsible Gambling Tips. They will help you avoid any kind of addiction. The Bwin Casino is a part of a responsible gambling program so you can feel safe while playing there. 

RGT transparency

Contrary to skeptics, Responsible Gambling Trust is a completely open organization. Reports on the use of charitable funds raised annually are visible in the public domain. Everyone can familiarize themselves with all items of expenses for which the raised funds went. Further plans for the organization’s core business are discussed with the direct participation of the Gambling Commission and the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board (RGSB). 

Gamble Aware – Charity Gambling Foundation

Gamble Aware is a website created by the Responsible Gambling Trust. RGT is an independent charitable organization that provides funding for various kinds of scientific research to find the most effective methodology for getting rid of addiction. Gamble Aware encourages awareness-raising activities regarding psychological issues that may be related to gambling.

On the Gamble Aware website, anyone can find a huge amount of information that will help them understand the mechanisms of modern gambling. After all, there are games in which victory is the result of a favorable set of circumstances (for example, slot machines). At the same time, there are types of entertainment that allow you to win only when the player has some skill (for example, poker).

Researchers explain that any game in online casinos in the USA involves some risks. Therefore, on the platform, you can pass a simple test that will show you how well you understand modern gambling entertainment. Referring to the existing experience, we can say that even the most avid players sometimes do not know the myths regarding gambling.

Responsible Gambling Trust
Responsible gambling is the key to a sustainable industry

Responsible Gambling

The organization’s website home page explains what it means to play responsibly. Moreover, they provide specific tips:

  • In no case to gamble to make money exclusively (this should be an entertainment);
  • Try to understand that it is impossible to win systematically (otherwise, the casino would have been an unprofitable enterprise);
  • There is no need to try to win back the lost funds;
  • In no case to borrow money for gambling (neither from family, nor from friends, nor even at the bank);
  • It makes no sense to gamble to earn money for basic needs (clothing, food, rental housing, etc.).

Gamble Aware as a past of Responsible Gambling Trust draws attention to how important it is at the initial stage to recognize the formation of gambling addiction. In the section “Recognizing the problem”, you can find a list of facts, the presence of which indicates a transformation into a gamer:

  • gambling disputes with relatives and friends;
  • secret passion for gambling;
  • the complete loss of any other interests in life (gambling displaces everything);
  • gambling takes away all the savings;
  • termination of payment of utility bills, sale of the property to obtain at least some means for playing in a casino;
  • development of depression.

If the reader has identified at least one of the points indicated above, one should not lose a second and immediately seek help. The Bwin Casino promotes safe gambling. Therefore, if you feel any kind of the symptoms mentioned above, look at the Responsible Gambling page of the platform. Good luck and take care!

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