What You Should Know Before You Buy Lottery Scratch Cards Online

Have you ever seen people gathering around lottery shops and actively buying lottery cards to try their luck? Well, most probably you did. But right now, the internet offers you more gambling possibilities than you might expect. So, today you can also buy lottery scratch cards online and earn money on it.  But gambling can also be done wisely. We will share some tips and information you need to know before you start buying lottery cards. 

buy lottery scratch cards online

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But gambling can also be done wisely. We will share some tips and information you need to know before you start buying lottery scratch cards online. 

When were scratch cards invented? 

Scratch cards appeared not long ago. In 1973, the American company called “Scientific Games” launched first scratch-off games. The name of that game was “Instant Game” and it comprised five panels only. Customers could take it off with any small tool, preferably with the coin. The card’s jackpot prize was $10,000 and it said that 1 ticket out 5 could win. The card was extremely similar to the cards available for purchase today. The “Scientific Games” is still engaged in producing and development of different instant games not only in the US but also in many other parts of the world. 

Still, the popularity of scratch cards reached the UK in the 1980s only. However, in 1994 already the state established the franchise called “National Lottery”, which became a breakthrough for the scratch cards industry. Today, scratch cards became so popular in the UK that now it is the second most used form of gambling.

The online scratch cards appeared much later than in-land scratch cards. They appeared with the invention of online casinos. That is, the first online casino came into existence in 1996. It had 18 games only at that time. That online casino became popular for its scratch cards as well. So, more and more people were trying to buy lottery scratch cards online. 

Three years were enough for the casino to attract 100,000 visitors already. And surely, with the development of the internet, new websites with more interactive online lottery scratch cards appeared. Some of these websites are WinTrillions, theLotter, 1xbet where a lot of gamblers can enjoy their time playing scratch cards. These and many other gambling websites allow a great number of people to buy scratch cards online from any part of the world!

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Tips on how to buy lottery scratch cards online wisely

Establish a fixed budget. This method is not likely to help you win additional money, but it can surely protect you from losing them. Lottery scratch cards can sometimes become so addictive, that it is hard to stop playing in time. But if you set a fixed amount of money, you will not spend more than you have planned to.

Gamble on reliable sites only. With the development of gambling sites, the number of cheating sites increases as well. Therefore, it is your core responsibility to choose the safest websites with all the necessary protocols. LottoKings, Eurolotto are examples of the sites when you can buy lottery scratch cards online and play safely. 

buy lottery scratch cards online
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Choose wisely. The variability of scratch cards today became so diverse that it may confuse you. Different designs, brands, and prices they offer should not distract you, you only need to focus on the cards that may increase your chances to win. 

Analyze the lottery cardsProfessional scratch card players use the “Singleton Method”. That is, they analyze the cards’ layouts and their patterns to understand if a card has the required winning combinations of numbers or symbols. 

Buy wholesaleAnother technique is to buy online scratch cards in bulk. That is, you can buy several cards in bulk. Better than buying them one by one on every visit on the website you make. Odds usually increase when you purchase several scratch cards in a row, therefore, you increase your chances to win. 

What are the age restrictions to buy lottery scratch cards online? 

Well, the answer to this question depends on the region the players live in. This is due to the fact that all regions have a unique set of rules and age restrictions. For instance, the age restrictions in the US vary from 18-21 depending on the state. In the UK, however, the age restrictions are lowered to 16. Therefore, you should first get closely acquainted with the rules and age restrictions in your country before starting to buy lottery scratch cards online or from in-land shops.

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