Which Games Should I Play in Order to Win at Online Slots?


Posted: December 1, 2015

Updated: October 6, 2017

• Look the numbers, not the glitters!
• Pick your slot carefully, if you want to win
• High risk means high rewards

GamingZion assembled a guide that can help you to win at online slots.

Many online casino customers who play online slots pick their game based on their theme or graphics. Sometimes a fun feature or the general mood of the game can be fascinating. However, the nature of your chances to win at online slots is a much more important aspect. So, before you select your online slot game, read our guide about how to pick the game in order to win at online casino slots!

What is the slot payout percentage and how it helps me to win at online slots?

Slot payout percentage

Understanding the slot payout percentage to increase your chances of winning!

The slot payout percentage or return to player is the percentage of the stake that players are expected to win back from the slots. So, for example from an online slot that has a 93% payout percentage, a €93 payout is expected for every wagered €100. However, this figure fulfils on the long run only, on a full cycle, which can be hundreds of thousands of spins or even more. So, you cannot predict or calculate your online slot winnings, since the engine of the online slot is virtually a random number generator.

This doesn’t only mean that you can quickly lose your whole account balance, but it might just work the other way round too: you can earn big amounts quickly if you manage to beat the online slot. So, while the payout percentage is obviously not guaranteed, it can still help you to determine whether it is worth to play at a particular online slot, or not.

The highest the payout percentage is, the more recommended the slot is for online casino players. And this is where online slots have an edge over land-based slot machines! Brick and mortar casinos often have slots with very poor payout percentages around 70%, while online slots payout percentages are usually well above 90%. They tend to operate with a return to player around 95%, but there are some online slots that have 98% or 99% payout percentages.

So, based on this, you don’t necessarily want to play the shiny and flashy online slots that have spectacular features. Alright, if a new slot comes out with a theme of your favorite movie or TV show, it is always fun to play. But in general, you want to avoid those slots that have poor payout percentages, even if they have fun features or really nice graphics. You play to win at online slots after all, right?

Low or high variance game should I play to win at online slots?

Low or high variance game

Which one to go for?

Slots in land-based and online casinos in the US and worldwide vary not just in payout percentages but in the nature of winning payouts too. They range from low to medium to high variance. Variance specifies the way the slot machine pays and the risk you take with it, so you have to assess this aspect of an online slot before you start playing.

Low variance slots are the best for those players, who like to play for long at a certain online slot game. Low variance means low risk, so you don’t have to spend big to spin a lot on that slot. You won’t find big jackpots, but you won’t clear your bankroll quickly either, thanks to regular but low payouts. Since these slots are designed for long playing sessions, you should consider picking a low variance slot when taking advantage of a casino bonus, since with the lot of spins you can meet with the wagering requirement of the bonus earlier.

The most common type amongst online slots is the medium variance games. Though these slots pose a slightly bigger risk comparing to low variance slots, jackpots are usually also way larger. Common payouts are also larger than at low risk slots, but the lack of regular, low payouts mean that these slots can reduce your bankroll quicker, if you are unlucky, but you can also win more and faster. If you are a gambler looking for big wins, you shouldn’t pick a game with a variance lower than medium.

The high risk high reward slots are for the real gamblers. Here you will find mostly high payouts, sometimes real big amounts, but the negative is that often you won’t hit any winning combination, since there aren’t many low to medium payouts, like at the previous two types of online slots. Players gambling for the chance of mega winnings and big jackpots and who don’t mind burning big amounts of money should aleays pick these high variance online slots.

Where to play online slots?

There is a vast selection of online casinos in the EU and worldwide in GamingZion’s online gambling directory that welcome their players with big first deposit bonuses. These bonuses can be beneficial when you opt to play at low variance slots, but you can also wager this money on more risky games.

If you drafted up your strategy of what kind of game to pick in order to win at online slots, you can start to look for a nice place to try slot machines. Feel free to consult our online casino guide and find your optimal gambling destination with the help of our online casino reviews!

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