Who Are The Best Bundesliga Managers Today?

Best Bundesliga Managers

Our main goal for today was to find out who the best Bundesliga managers might be. Take a look at the names we came up with.

The German Bundesliga is one of the strongest leagues in the world, which makes it hard to name the best Bundesliga managers today. However, as all “who the best…” articles, this one will also be a rather subjective article, as managers cannot always be measured at the same level. It’s possible the online betting news in Germany will disagree with GamingZion’s opinion, but let’s take a look at who we think the best Bundesliga managers are!

1. Is Carlo Ancelotti the Best Manager in Bundesliga?

Carlo Ancelotti is definitely one of the most convincing name. Not only in the Bundesliga, but all around the world he is regarded as one of the best managers on Earth. And not without a merit. The Italian football expert has won tons of trophies with all his previous teams, could it be Milan, Chelsea, PSG, Real Madrid… and he is on his way to make the same at Bayern as well.

His first season didn’t start that well. Red Bull Leipzig kept pretty close to Bayern Munich for quite a while, although eventually the Bavarians won the league easily. They also got knocked out of Champions League the way they got used to during the Pep era. However, they also got knocked out of the German Cup, which was something new compared to the Pep era.

To claim that Carlo Ancelotti is the biggest name among Bundesliga managers is not a silly thing to say. He is also the most successful one, obviously. However, whether or not will he be capable of bringing the same success to the Bavarians, only time will tell. Would you like to bet on Bayern to win the Treble, can Bayern win the Treble, with Ancelotti at the helm? Join the best online sportsbooks to place your bets now!

2. Let’s see where Ralph Hasenhüttl’s project at Leipzig goes…

Obviously there is a visible project going on at Red Bull’s football teams – both at Salzburg as well as Leipzig. It wasn’t just a coincidence that Leipzig were leading Bundesliga throughout several matchdays and they were the second best team in Germany last season. It’s only the result of a well-though project.

And well-thought projects cannot be successfully executed without a top class leader. And the top class leader in this case is the manager, alias Ralph Hasennhüttl. He has been in charge at RBL since July 2016. He used to manage Ingolstadt before. He won Bundesliga 2 with the tiny team. Let’s see if he can help Red Bull Leipzig improve even more for the upcoming season.

3. Hertha Berlin’s Pál Dárdai is one of the Best Bundesliga managers

Have you heard of Hertha’s Dárdai before? You better, because he’s one of the biggest legends in Hertha Berlin’s prestigious history. The Hungarian played for Hertha as a defensive midfielder back in the days – having spent there almost a year and a half. However, he couldn’t leave the club upon his retirement either, he started coaching the youngest kids at Hertha Academy.

His achievements were acknowledged by the Hungarian Football Association MLSZ, because they hired him as the head of the national team. Dárdai built up the core of a team that qualified for, and even won their group at Euro 2016. And his successes with Hungary improved his international recognition as well.

Mostly due to his successes with Hungary, Hertha Berlin decided it was time to give Dárdai a real chance: he was appointed as the manager of Hertha Berlin. And the development has been obvious ever since. With very little money, Dárdai and his ideas turned Hertha Berlin into a Europa League team from a team that was fighting relegation.

Their dream is Champions League participation. Will they make it? Can one of the best Bundesliga managers help them achieve it? Join the best online sportsbooks in Germany and place your bets now!

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