Who Are The Worst Managers in Premier League History?

David Moyes Weirdo

Of course it’s always better to talk about the best ones in anything, but we can never just simply pass by the worst ones…like the worst manages in Premier League history…so let’s see them!

Online betting news in the UK are usually all about the best managers each year. Which can be quite disturbing because nobody seems to mind the fact that the league is full of people who don’t belong there. Who have no right to earn so much money playing for, or managing one of the best teams in the world.

GamingZion tries to do something against this. Our goal was to introduce the worst managers in Premier League history. Some names came to mind quite easily, and some might even be surprising… Do you agree with us? Keep on reading and let us know your opinion by leaving a comment below!

Rafa Benitez, and the story of how you fail upwards

Rafa Benitez used to be one of the biggest names among football managers. He won the Champions League with Livrepool, the La Liga with Valencia, yet he apparently burnt out. Online sportsbooks in the UK keep believing he will fail yet he keeps on being promoted. And he keeps on failing everywhere. Now he seems to have found his level: Newcastle are doing as expected under his

Claudio Raineri, one good year to make up for everything?

The name of last season’s Premier League winner manager might be interesting on the list of the worst managers in Premier League history. However, one good year cannot make us forget his past completely, not even when he has achieved something amazing with the tiny team of Leicester City. But he has been a failure at his previous clubs and he ended up failing at Leicester City as well. Ranieri fits perfectly well in the list of the worst Premier League managers ever. We’ve explained a bit more about his career here

Robert Mancini, the bookie favourit

Roberto Mancini is one of the favourite people of online sportsbooks. Not because he would be a bettor, more like it’s for the sake of the bettors: whenever Mancini joins a new club, you can be sure as hell that the club will not be a significant factor for the upcoming years. Would you like to learn more about this terrific manager? Click here. 

Avram Grant, not even qualified for the role

Avram Grant is a personal friend of Roman Abramovic, which helped him achieve so many things in life. Even without the necessary background, like licenses and unimportant stuff like that. He took over Chelsea in 2007 but it was obvious for his players that he is not the man for the job. Many Chelsea players claimed they deserved an actual manager. The owner’s friend didn’t last long and he is unemployed at the moment. However, he somehow managed many other teams after Chelsea…

David Moyes, still going lower!

David Moyes has been a pretty successful manager at Everton. He tried to take it to the next level and it ended up the worst failure in his life. Being a Manchester United manager clearly didn’t work out for him and Moyes has been going lower and lower ever since, failing at all his destinations. His last destination was Sunderland, where he had some rather amusing moments.

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