This Week in Pictures: June 27 – July 3, 2017

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With so many big stories breaking around the world over the last seven days we take a moment to look back at some of the most important in our review of last week’s big stories.

In the United States as Republicans struggled to arrive at a workable replacement for Obamacare more a more stringent security regime came into effect alongside the so-called “Travel Ban” that restricts entry into the US from six mainly Muslim countries. Those without “close” family ties or business relationships within the US are liable to have their visa applications refuse. The ban came into effect after the Supreme Court upheld it on Monday temporarily until October when a final ruling is made.

In Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel dropped her opposition to same sex marriage allowing the parliament to give full equality to gay couples late last week. In a move to align her CDU party more closely with potential coalition partners after the election in the autumn, the new legalization was passed by 393 votes to 226 and widely met with approval across the country. Angela Merkel herself voted against the measure but in light of the result hoped the law would lead to greater social cohesion.

In Hong Kong hosted a visit by Chinese president Xi Jinping last week as it celebrated twenty years since it was returned to mainland China by the UK who had retained control since colonial times. With a harsh crack down on dissent and a massive show of military force the visit was seen by many as an attempt by Beijing to intimidate it’s critics and opponents both at home and abroad. Pro democracy demonstrators were barred from meeting and a small protest was very quickly broken up by police.

In Sports Novak Djokovic announced he would once again have legend Andre Agassi as his coach as he prepared for Wimbledon last week and assured fans that as a former world No.1 he’d keep playing as long as he enjoyed it. Just how long that will last, and to what degree changing coach just a few days before a big tournament can change your chances remains to be seen so you’ll have to check out our daily news pages to find out, but in the meantime here’s some stories we covered over the last week.

1. We broke down a few of the betting favorites to win the 2017 Tour de France competition.

Tour de France

You’ll find the best odds for this year’s Tour de France at BetVictor (photo:

2. Who’s the safest bet on Wimbledon this year? We take a look at the odds set by Bet365.

Bet on Wimbledon

Most of the best players in the world will be competing, who are you picking to win? (photo:

3. Is Luka Jovic the next big Serbian soccer star? We discuss that and more.

Luka Jovic news

Jovic has already moved to Germany to pursue his dream of becoming a major football star (photo:

4. GamingZion breaks down a few of the best political bets you can make this year.

Poltical bets

Paddy Power is allowing their members to bet on who becomes UK Prime Minister after Theresa May (photo:

5. Looking to bet on something different this year? Check out the odds for the 2017 Senior US Open.

golf betting

The odds here actually offer a fantastic opportunity to cash out (photo:

6. We take a look at Youri Tielemans decision to move to AS Monaco, and what may be coming up next in his career.

Youri Tielemans football

Youri Tielemans has already played more than 130 league games depsite being just 20 years of age (photo:

7. We take a look at what could prevent the World Cup from taking place in Qatar.

2020 World Cup

Despite the controversy, it appears the Qatar World Cup will be going on as planned (photo:

Meanwhile Cardinal George Pell agreed last week to return to Australia to face numerous historical child abuse charges that he has dismissed as being “relentless character assassination”. This prince of the church was ordered to appear in court on July 26th and seems determined to clear his name after discussions with Pope Francis. Famous for ensuring Australia is the only nation in the world where the Catholic Church can’t be sued for damages Pell opposed a Royal Commission into child abuse within the church in Australia.

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