Who will be the Ashes 2017 England Top Series Batsman?

Ashes 2017 England Top Series Batsman

Who will step up to the job? Who will pile on the most runs? At BetVictor, you can find great odds excluding players Cook and Root, on middle-men batters Jonny Bairstow at 3/1, Mark Stoneman or a more hopeful wager of Ben Stokes at 7/1. Who will be the Ashes 2017 England top series batsman? Let’s break it down!


  • Jonny Bairstow, a rising talent in the English cricket squad, has turned many heads in his direction and seems like an absolute peach of a bet at 3/1 odds
  • Mark Stoneman, with an incredible return to the national team, is given 10/3 odds
  • Ben Stokes, a fiery tempered man who can use his passion for the sport to produce a master class performance, looks like a real gamble at 7/1


For those who are not familiar, the Ashes is probably the most popular and competitive match in cricket. By winter time this year, the two nations, England and Australia, shall once again spark up their great rivalry in hopes of winning the Ashes and look for a leader in the team.

Bet on Jonny Bairstow

Jonny Bairstow

The history is truly tremendous. The clash of these two arch-rivals takes place on a circular field, this year in The Gabba, and once every 2 summers. Although England are against the odds to win this time round, the feeling around the young English camp, is that win, lose or draw, every individual player will improve to a new level.

No matter how much more dominant Australia are, it would be an opportunity missed not to place a wager on the player you think will perform consistently and using internet gambling laws in the UK back them right until the end of the 5-day test match.

Ashes Odds at BetVictor


It is also false to assume that Australia will light handedly win the Ashes. Given the publicity and sheer opportunity at this special occasion, one might consider a completely unexpected turn of events and see the English squad defy the unsatisfying odds of 3/1 and lift the trophy. Before the last Ashes, Joe Root was made vice-captain and apparent heir to the throne.

This time round, Root will be looking to continue his fine form and retain the championship in his first Ashes leading the men. His superior leadership skills will, hopefully, be enough to push each player. Excluding Root and Cook, take the challenge on and call out the Ashes 2017 England top series batsman by betting on sports online in the UK or Australia this year and back him all the way.

Bet on Ben Stokes

Ben Stokes

To any British Muslim fans of cricket, Moeen Ali is odds 8/1 at BetVictor suggesting he will be the Ashes 2017 England top series batsman. On a lighter note, Stuart Broad, brilliant bowler who once claimed he is better at batting, is given odds 100/1. I think it is safe to say he will not be England’s top series batsman but bowling-wise, well that’s a different story.

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