Who Will Play Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz Remake?

  • A new adaptation of The Wizard of Oz is already in the making by New Line Cinema 
  • Actresses such as Hailee Steinfeld and Miley Cyrus appeared on predictions for Dorothy’s role 
  • See our explanation of such predictions as we wait to see who will play Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz remake
Who Will Play Dorothy In The Wizard Of Oz Remake?
Image source: Flickr

A new adaptation of our classic children’s novel is right on the corner. New Line Cinema has started the production of the Wizard of Oz remake, with director Nicole Kassell. Of course, the most famous adaptation starred the iconic Judy Garland, we yet to see which actress will give a new spirit to the role. We take a look at casting prediction to see who will play Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz remake. 

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The new Wizard of Oz remake is in the work, directed by Nicole Kassell. The New Line Cinema production promises a fresh take on L. Frank Baum children’s novel. We certainly live in the era of remakes. Adaptations of classics always leave the audience filled with excitement – and high expectations. While the original book and the 1939 MGM musical paved the yellow brick road with an unquestionable style, we expect remakes to give an extra touch. After the wonderful Judy Garland, the question is, who will play Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz remake? For such an iconic lead, predictions are already popping on online sportsbook sites in the US. As a movie fan, betting on such events can be the most fun, so make sure you check our tips before we dive in.  

Everything we know about the new Wizard of Oz so far 

Kessell’s version will not be a musical, and she promises that both the movie and Dorothy’s character will be reimagined. The adaptation is set to give us a fresh take on Dorothy’s journey. Also, aims to reflect on the original themes, such as the quest for love, courage, wisdom and home. The musical is a classic childhood memory for Kassell, so we trust her to honour the L. Frank Baum’s tale while passing on the love for it to new generations. For its time, The Wizard of Oz (1939) was groundbreaking both in visuals and storytelling. The musical is a must-see for everyone, and will always be a film to remember. To bet on who will play Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz remake, find our guide for an informed decision. 

The critical acclaim has not diminished over time. Oz lifted director Victor Fleming and the cast into the world of the most respected stars in the industry. Judy Garland had an extraordinary life, her descendent as Dorothy will not have an easy job. Who will play Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz remake? Online sportsbooks in the US suggest Sadie Sink and Hailee Steinfeld but even Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande. With the best odds, we can see Sink and Steinfeld on Bovada, do they ring a bell? Let’s take a look at previous work of the predicted actresses, and reasons why they could fill Dorothy with a new spirit. 

Image result for ariana grande
Dorothy, is that you? – Image source: Flickr

Who Will Play Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz Remake? 

Weather Kassell will rethink the meaning of Oz or not, casting is always the audience’s favourite topic when it comes to remakes. Putting a new face or an already acclaimed star into Dorothy’s role can set the entire style of the adaptation. Kassell’s work on HBO series Watchmen proved, that she is not afraid to give new meaning to a superhero-themed production. For this reason, we are eager to see how the Wonderful Wizard of Oz will turn out. 

Sadie Sink as Dorothy 

Sadie Sink is at +140 odds on Bovada, therefore a top prediction to portray Dorothy. Mostly known for the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things which started in 2016. The now 18-year-old actress played Maxine “Max” Mayfield in the sci-fi drama. While Stranger Things fans fell in love with Sadie’s charm, we can question whether her as a lead can pull in a big enough audience. However, Sink is a face for a new generation that the Oz adaptation is aiming to engage. Moreover, it might be a good idea to cast a relatively unknown actress for the role of Dorothy Gale, since it allows the character to be filled without previous audience expectations. 

Hailee Steinfeld as the fan’s choice 

24-year-old singer-actress Hailee Steinfeld is known for her youthful and engaging performances. Not only was she nominated for a BAFTA and Academy Award for her role in True Grit (2010), Steinfeld is appearing in more and more prestigious productions’ casts. With +160 odds on  Bovada, Hailee can also become the actress who will play Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz remake. For a bigger audience, her debut was in Pitch perfect 2, performing the song Flashlight written by Jessie J. 

Who Will Play Dorothy In The Wizard Of Oz Remake?
Can’t wait to see the rework – Image source: Flickr

Katelyn Nacon: from Zombieland to Kansas 

Another new face that we became familiar with in successful TV shows. Katelyn Nacon, odds at +225, starred in the Walking Dead and Tagged. While the role of Dorothy Gale is quite a shift from a zombie-filled apocalypse, it might work exactly for this reason. It is safe to say that Nacon’s potential is yet to come out, and the Wizard of Oz production could be a platform to show her many talents. 21-year-old Nacon also started her career early. She had already appeared in various productions from the age of 13. 

Can popstars be Dorothy? Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande in the predictions

Indeed, Ariana appears on the list of predictions for Dorothy. Notably started as a child actor with unquestionable humour and musical talent, Ariana might be an odd choice, so does the +600 odds suggest. The singer’s career escalated from Nickelodeon sweetheart to world-famous pop icon. Although Ariana has been mostly focusing on her musical career in the previous years, she could give Dorothy a whole new meaning. Much like Miley Cyrus on that matter. Currently holding the same odds as Ariana, both women managed to outgrow their previous roles as innocent characters. Therefore, if Nicole Kassell is promising a new touch of Oz, the two stars can fill the character with something beyond an innocent coming-of-age girl. 

It is safe to say that Nicole Kassell’s decisions on the lead actress will determine the movie’s success, we await to see who will step into the ruby red slippers!

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Cayuqui Estage Noel
Cayuqui Estage Noel
3 months ago

I think the mistake here is that we are expecting to see a remake of the 1939 movie — impossible to beat. This new version should forget about techicolor Munchkinland and stick closer to the book — my opinion.