Who Will Replace Daniel Craig as the Next James Bond? Place Your Bet!

Daniel Radcliffe is James Bond

Daniel Craig may have finished his role as 007, and bookmakers are already setting the odds for who will be the next James Bond.

The Daniel Craig 007 era may very well be coming to a close. Despite his status one of the best Bond’s in the franchise’s history, Craig has stated he is growing tired of the role, even going so far as to say he would “rather slash my wrists” that film another James bond movie. He eventually retracted that statement, but rumors have been stirring of who will take his place nonetheless.

A number of online gambling sites in the US have set odds for who could be the next James Bond. Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities.

The betting favorites

Tom Hardy: Unquestionably one of the best actors from Great Britain, Tom Hardy has emerged as a real possibility to become 007 after Craig leaves. His performances in movies like Inception and Legend lend credit to the idea that he would make a great James Bond. Odds: 6/1

Idris Elba: Elba’s name has been attached to James Bond for some time now. Controversy over his casting of the role began in October of 2015, when James Bond author Anthony Horowitz claimed Elba was “too street.” Today, Elba is one of the favorites to follow in Craig’s footsteps. Odds: 7/1

Tom Hiddleston: After his tremendous performance playing a British spy in The Night Manager, Tom Hiddleston has emerged as the betting favorite to play the next James Bond. There is little doubt that Hiddleston would make a great 007, and we could very well be seeing him drinking martinis in the next film. Odds: 5/4

The underdogs

Michael Fassbender: Initially thought to be one of the most likely actors to play James bond after Daniel Craig, Fassbender has now found himself a betting underdog to get the part. This may have something to do with his lead role in Steve Jobs failing to attract a large audience (that film only made $34 million on a budget of $30 million). Fassbender could still be Bond, but for now he is relegated to underdog status. Odds: 20/1

Henry Cavill: The Superman actor could become the next James Bond. Cavill has been praised for his performance in The Man from Uncle, a role similar to that of 007. He may be a long shot to win, but stranger things have happened. Odds: 14/1

Tim Roth: Tim Roth has made a name for himself in film as a smooth-talking Englishman that knows how to fire a gun. Roth’s age may be his biggest deterrent. At 54 years old, you have to wonder whether James Bond would risk breaking a hip to fight crime. Odds: 25/1

The potential dark horses

Jason Statham: I know what you’re thinking.. The Transporter? While it’s true that Statham has been in a few duds over the years, his penchant for fighting bad-guys, top-notch English accent, and ability to do his own stunts make him a bet worth taking. Odds: 80/1

Ewan Mcgregor: Despite his public questioning of why so many actors want to be the next James Bond, McGregor could still get the part. He is Scottish, not too old, and knows how to use a lightsaber. Space James Bond? Odds: 100/1

Daniel Radcliffe: Sure he lacks the proper experience, and he’s small, and he looks like he is 14. Who cares? The former Harry Potter actor might be just what the Bond franchise needs. Replace his wand with a Walther PPK and this fella could be a stone cold killer. Unlikely? Yes. Odds: 150/1

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