Who Will Win The 2023 Formula One Season Championship?


Posted: September 11, 2023

Updated: September 11, 2023

Well, we're already three quarters way through the 2023 F1 season, and it looks like Max Verstappen is pretty much unstoppable. Sitting on 364 points after the Italian Grand Prix, his closest rival is still a long way behind on just 219. With eight more races to go, we'd be surprised to see anyone overtake him.

Well, we’re already three-quarters way through the 2023 F1 season, and it looks like Max Verstappen is pretty much unstoppable. Sitting on 364 points after the Italian Grand Prix, his closest rival is still a long way behind on just 219. With eight more races to go, we’d be surprised to see anyone overtake him.

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2023 Formula One Season – Forecasts For F1

Max Verstappen, the reigning back-to-back world champion, is set to maintain his dominant position in the upcoming 2023 Formula one season. Having secured his second title in 2022 with an impressive 146-point lead, Verstappen is the driver to beat. Red Bull, his team, is equally eager to continue their success after clinching the 2022 Constructors’ Championship. However, rivals Ferrari and Mercedes are determined to bounce back from their underwhelming performance last season and potentially outshine their previous achievements.

During preseason testing, the Red Bull team displayed promising speed, with Verstappen adapting comfortably to their new car. Notably, Sergio Perez posted the fastest time on day three of testing. Another team to keep an eye on is Aston Martin, as newcomer Fernando Alonso demonstrated during testing that their 2023 car possesses the necessary speed to contend with the frontrunners.

Odds For The 2023 F1 Drivers’ Championship

Unsurprisingly, most of the best online sportsbook sites in the UK like 22Bet Sportsbook unanimously favor Max Verstappen as the frontrunner to claim the 2023 Formula One season Drivers’ Championship. The Dutchman entered the season with consecutive title victories, including a commanding 146-point lead in the previous season, where he and Red Bull dominated. Lewis Hamilton, despite facing challenges in the previous season, is the second favorite for the title.

Notably, Hamilton and Mercedes closed out the year on a stronger note. Charles Leclerc of Ferrari is also expected to challenge the top contenders closely, with odds of 5/1 on SkyBet—a potentially attractive bet considering his second-place finish in the previous campaign. George Russell’s odds have shifted to 7/1 after testing, slipping from his previous 5/1 position.

Carlos Sainz and Sergio Perez are considered long-shot contenders, with odds of +2200 and +2500, respectively, on BetMGM, which could offer value, especially in Perez’s case. Red Bull, despite having less wind tunnel time during pre-season due to cost cap breaches in 2022, may dominate once again this season.

The standout change in odds is Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso, who exhibited confidence in his new car during the 2023 Formula One season preseason testing. As a result of his impressive performances, the seasoned Spanish driver’s odds have plummeted to 33/1 for winning the championship on SkyBet, a significant drop from his previous odds of 150/1 before testing.

2023 Constructors’ Championship Odds

After their dominant performance last season, Red Bull is the clear favorite to secure a second consecutive Constructors’ Championship title in 2023 Formula One season. Bookmakers anticipate strong competition from Mercedes, who are the second favorites to win the team trophy, despite facing challenges during significant portions of the previous season.

Ferrari, on the other hand, finds themselves trailing in the odds, unlikely to clinch their first Constructors’ Championship since 2008. This is primarily attributed to their ongoing reliability issues that frustrated both drivers, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, as well as Ferrari fans worldwide throughout 2022.

Predictions For The 2023 Formula One Season

Despite limited wind tunnel time leading up to the 2023 Formula One season due to cap regulation violations in the previous season, it’s hard to imagine anyone outperforming Max Verstappen and Red Bull in the upcoming F1 campaign. While Mercedes might challenge Red Bull, especially if they maintain their momentum from the second half of the last season, the German team, especially with the seasoned Lewis Hamilton, possesses the strongest package on the grid. Ferrari’s response to their challenges will also be intriguing to watch. They have brought in Frédéric Vasseur from Alfa Romeo to replace former team principal Mattia Binotto, a move that appears promising for the team.

The revamped backroom setup at Ferrari could greatly benefit their top driver, Charles Leclerc, who earned a substantial number of points last season but struggled with his car’s reliability issues and the team’s strategic errors on race day. Additionally, Sergio Perez, George Russell, and Carlos Sainz are all eyeing advancement in their careers and aim to secure the top spot in the World Drivers’ Championship by the end of the 2023 Formula One season.

In other developments, the French team Alpine seems poised to challenge the top three constructors due to their impressive speed from the previous season. Aston Martin, with the addition of Fernando Alonso to their roster, should receive a performance boost, particularly after his impressive showings in preseason testing, enhancing the prospects for the British team on the race track.

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2023 Formula One – Top Picks

  • Selection: Max Verstappen as the prospective Drivers’ Championship winner and Red Bull for the Constructors Championship victory Chances – Odds stand at 6/4

As previously mentioned, it’s hard to envision anything other than a double triumph for Verstappen and Red Bull in the upcoming 2023 Formula One season. Verstappen, the Dutch sensation, shattered numerous records last year, most notably establishing a new standard by winning 15 races in a single F1 season. It’s highly probable that he will carry this scorching performance into the forthcoming season.

While he will undoubtedly face stiff competition, particularly from his rival Lewis Hamilton, who is priced as the second favourite for the championship by 22Bet Sportsbook, Verstappen has consistently demonstrated his ability to thrive under pressure. The previous season also afforded him more valuable experience, and even he acknowledges his improved ability to handle various on-track situations.

According to online sportsbook news in the UK, Red Bull’s pursuit of another Constructors’ title will also receive a significant boost from their second driver, Sergio Perez, who secured a third-place finish last season, coming within just three points of Leclerc in second place. He remains a formidable presence on the track, displaying speed in most scenarios and now standing as one of the grid’s most seasoned drivers, especially with the departure of Sebastian Vettel from the sport.

2023 Formula One Season Proposition Bet

  • Selection: At least one driver not to be classified in each race – Odds: 6/4

In the previous season, nearly every race witnessed the non-classification of at least one driver, with the exception of a race where even Valtteri Bottas couldn’t complete.

The latest era of Formula One, characterised by cars being able to closely follow each other, has opened up numerous opportunities for fierce battles that often result in retirements. If you’re betting on Formula One, with a prop bet, take note that these retirements can occur due to collisions or the immense pressure exerted by the drivers on their vehicles during races.

2023 Formula One Season Bold Wager

  • Selection: Max Verstappen to secure the championship, Charles Leclerc to claim second place – Odds: 14/1

This bet’s appeal lies in the expectation of Charles Leclerc finishing second in the 2023 Formula One season, outpacing his teammate Sainz, as well as the Mercedes duo of Hamilton and Russell, and Red Bull’s Perez. The Verstappen-Leclerc duo finishing first and second not only happened on several race weekends last season but was also the outcome of the 2023 Formula One Season Drivers’ Championship.

While Mercedes made strides in the previous season, potentially challenging Leclerc’s standing, it would be unwise to underestimate the Monegasque driver. Ferrari has made strategic personnel changes that should enhance their decision-making this time around, and Leclerc showcased his brilliance last season with three race victories and 11 podium finishes, demonstrating exceptional driving skills and impressive speed.

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