Who’s Betting On The MTV VMA’s Being Beyonce’s Night?

Beyonce VMA awards

An award ceremony like no other this annual event often throws caution to the wind and isn’t always smiled upon by the fates but you could do yourself some good betting on the MTV VMAs this year, although if you want some juicy odds you might have to steer clear of everyone’s favorite to dominate the night, Beyonce.

MTV VMAs Video Of The Year

  • Beyonce – “Formation” – 1/1
  • Adele – “Hello” – 17/3
  • Drake – “Hotline Bling” – 17/3
  • Justin Bieber – “Sorry” – 9/1
  • Kanye West – “Famous” – 9/1

Whilst this side of the Atlantic we have the overblown dramatic comedy of the Eurovision Song contest the other side of the pond they have the MTV Video Music Awards that whilst not quite as gay, is definitely as much of a spectacle as the actual awards take second place to the performers both live on stage and behind the presenter’s microphone. Betting on the MTV VMAs is as ridiculous a wager as you could hope to meet, but with some interesting little contests in some categories, it could be an earner.

The producers, and much of the audience, will be betting the MTV VMAs this Sunday produce just as many moments of insanity and over-the-top celebrity as they have on previous occasions, and this year the drama has already begun with Taylor Swift receiving no nominations at all for her efforts, and Beyonce seemingly already set to stroll off with the Video of the Year Award, but as you’ll know if you like to bet on sports in the US, there are always additional markets where the action may be hotter.

USA music video awards

Taylor Swift received no nominations at this year’s VMA’s. (photo:

Betting On The MTV VMAs Will Make Your Monday Brighter

Beyonce’s “Formation” is at evens on sites like Bet365, with Adele at 17/3 for “Hello” and Drake at 17/3 for “Hotline Bling”. This doesn’t leave a lot of room for the canny gambler who might be thinking of betting on the MTV VMAs where the main event is concerned, and Best Pop Video is likely to go much the same way, but with Drake (for “Hotline Bling”) and Chance The Rapper (for “Angels”) both at 3/2 the Best Hip Hop Video category could be where some opportunities lie.

MTV VMAs Best Rock Video

  • Coldplay – “Adventure of a Lifetime” – 7/3
  • Fall Out Boy – “Irresistible” – 4/1
  • Panic! At The Disco – “Victorious” – 4/1
  • Twenty One Pilots – “Heathens” – 17/3
  • All Time Low – “Missing You” – 17/3

Of course if you’re going to nudge your way around US gambling laws to go betting on the MTV VMAs this weekend you’ll perhaps want to make the most of it and go for something crazy like All Time Low to win the Best Rock Video for “Missing You” despite their 17/3 odds, which are just as bad as Twenty One Pilots are getting for “Heathens”, Coldplay actually being the favorite on just 7/3 for “Adventure of a lifetime”, and those are generous odds given they’re as likely to win as Beyonce is.

Will Beyonce Walk Away With Three Awards?

The best of the bunch for betting on the MTV VMAs, is, interestingly enough, the Best Electronic Video award that pits some great works of the visual medium against each other without some of the more ridiculous hype of celebrity that surrounds much of the pop world. Mike Posner with “I Took A Pill In Ibiza” shares the lead there with Calvin Harris & Disciples with “How Deep Is Your Love”, both getting 7/3, with 99 Souls on 4/1 for “The Girl Is Mine” and The Chainsmoker garnering 17/3 for “Don’t Let Me Down” and Afrojack stands no hope at all on 19/1 for “Summer Things”.

USA electronic music

Calvin Harris is looking to win his 3rd VMA award this year

You can expect Beyonce to leave the night with at least two awards, possibly three, but if you remove the contests she already has wrapped up there’s some interesting betting on the MTV VMAs available out there at sites like Bet365, and there will be plenty of people in the US gambling news coverage on Monday morning will be wall-to-wall coverage of what happened at this annual showcase of good old American hoopla and razzamatazz. It’ll be a great show and a super novelty wager for the weekend.

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