Why 2014 Could be the Year for Online Casinos

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2014 guarantees to be a very successful year for online casinos, as they look to experience a rise in traffic and casino providers.

The future looks more than promising for online casinos. In fact, it resembles a mine filled with unpolished gems!

Realizing the far exceeding picture and extensive benefits, governments have started to become more inclined towards internet gambling. Starting from the US across Europe to Asia, and even marginally Africa, nations are in advanced phases of implementing online gambling.

Naturally, players are more than delighted with increased online sites, as they are the main contributors to the introduction and sustainability of this gaming sector.

2014 is destined to be a great year, considering the small revolution players are about to witness.

Avid internet users more likely to gamble

Substantial growth is expected for mobile casino gambling sites, which will in effect also influence the numbers of online players.

Since online gambling sites offer a far greater deal of accessibility and convenience than traditional land-based casinos, more and more players will be swarming up to gamble online.

Although the rise in legalized online casinos will thrill players, some sections of society are concerned about potential downfalls.

Some medical professional believe that online gambling is far more addictive than the regular form of gambling, found in traditional casinos. This creates for a negative image of the gambling industry on the internet.

The reason why many people find online casino games so appealing can be linked to their propensity of being online for a considerable amount of time.

A great number of individuals that spend much of their time on the internet are more likely to visit online gambling sites.

Gambling experts discovered how people that either shop for certain services or buy specific products also like to enjoy playing casinos more than regular internet users.

As numerous nations are looking into legalizing online gambling or already have, website developers are focusing on different target groups that they want to appeal to. Therefore, online casino companies are tailoring their sites according to their customers’ preferences.

Countries legalizing online gambling

Online gambling sites in US have seen an increased level of activity in recent times. Last year, some states like New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware have passed bills legalizing online poker.

• More on internet, higher chance of playing online casinos

• Many countries make online gambling reforms

• Online casinos more popular than mobile casinos

There are over 126,000 gambling accounts in New Jersey, and the numbers are only going to increase. The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement issued a report that in a single week at the end of January, they recorded 16,284 new accounts.

Therefore, it is no surprise that other states want to introduce online gambling as well, considering the fact the gaming business rakes in millions in revenue.

Germany is the other nation that is slated to follow suit with other nations, s they want to tap into the lucrative business.

There will be substantial progress for online betting in the country, as many operators have applied for licenses to offer internet sports betting services to the German citizens.

Russia is another global powerhouse, with its economic power and, more importantly, vast population, they are looking to implement online gaming for their players. Legislation is currently in the works to make online betting legally available to the market.

Recently, Kenya launched its first gambling website only a year ago, while some nations also expressed a desire to enter this industry.

Among some other countries, South Africa highlighted its intention to pass a legislation in 2014, regarding the big business of online gambling. Considering it nearly has 52 million inhabitants, the gaming sector could thrive in this land.

Mobile casinos not as popular as online casinos

There are several elements which makes mobile casinos less popular than its computer counterparts.

For one thing, mobile casinos do not always have the option whereby a player can make transfer payments from his or her account.

In order to make money deposits and withdrawals from the casino account, one has to usually to log into the online casino website using a real computer, where all the necessary options are given.

Additionally, when it comes to the now popular real-money casinos, the mobile version also lacks having a wide variety of games on offer to customers.

However, there are exceptions, as there are online casinos that only offer no-download software. This means that every players downloading the respective system will have the same games on all devices.

Other reasons for the downside can be attributed to the devices themselves. Although the screens are getting bigger and bigger, generally people do not enjoy playing games on small displays as a PC monitor.

The display is therefore a significant drawback, as there may be a great number of icons, buttons and other options crammed into a small screen, making the user experience quite limiting.

At times people also tend to gamble more money than when playing on the computer, as playing on a device can become quite addictive.

Overall, there still needs to be some further developments with mobile casinos, as currently they are not meeting the level of gaming their customers want.

With many nations realizing just how lucrative the business of online gambling is, players all over the globe are set to experience a new breed of gaming.

Since gambling on mobile devices has clear limitations, online casinos that offer a great services and terrific deals, are set to win the battle of the mediums, at least for 2014.

Nevertheless, the growing trend of people using their smartphones for their everyday purposes is influencing the mobile app developers accordingly.

So perhaps already next year, players might be offered better services on their devices than on computers, which might see them shift preferences again.

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