Why Is Hillary Such A Good Bet Already?

Posted: April 24, 2015

Updated: April 24, 2015

The race for the White House in 2016 is underway and already it looks like Hillary Clinton is pulling into a commanding lead making Republicans nervous

The US electoral system is one of the wonders of the world, in that everyone wonders how it got into this state and worries something should be done about it. Even the most casual observer noticing quite quickly that it all comes down to the money and the changing demographics of the US population. The Republicans might have won the midterms but that was a failure of voters to vote rather than a sudden shift in public political affiliations.

Election In The Bag?

• Hillary declares and is winning already
• Bookies favor her to be next Prez
• Republicans need a miracle

Low turn out is pretty much all the Republicans can hope for at this point, those Republicans in the US gambling laws preventing voter fraud will scare of minority voters, traditionally far more democratic than not, are likely to find them a rallying cry for voter registration and voter motivation instead leaving them at an even more numerous disadvantage come polling day. This is a situation not helped by the Democratic front runner already having sectional appeal.

Hillary Clinton is by no means Snow White, anyone claiming so needs to wipe their eyes and take in the full horror, but the accusations and slurs of the right-wing press will only make the Republicans look divisive and sexist, and none of their candidates are of a quality to make Hillary look the worst of the two choices. Her appeal to female voters is likely to be high, and with the right choice of running mate she really should run away with the election.

Hillary Favorite In 2016 Presidential Race

This then is why sites like Bet365 have her at such short odds, right now you can get 11/10 on Clinton becoming the next President, whilst her probable opponent, Jeb Bush is still back on 7/2. This will probably change when he declares but by now some have to be wondering if he will at all. Running for president and losing can be a pretty galling kick in the ego, but doubly so if your brother and dad already got there before you.

Does Jeb stand a real chance in 2016? Republican party activists will tell you so, but they said that before the last election and saw President Obama returned with ease on the night, and perhaps Jeb is just wondering if the time is entirely right for a run at the White House. These are not favorable conditions for a Republican, the party itself needing some time to put it’s self back in order and cease being the anti-democrats and actually stand for something.

Hillary Obama

Most people who like to bet on sports in the US would put money on Jeb running eventually, the lack of a real viable alternative distinctly obvious, but there’s a chance he could just not bother in which case it’ll be down to the gaggle of 2nd stringers to see who can win their party’s nomination. Checking the odds of them becoming president gives a pretty good indication of what the bookies think in that regard with Donald Trump either not offered as a bet at all or at 100/1 minimum.

What If Jeb Decides Not To Run?

The nearest behind Jeb Bush are US senator for Florida Marco Rubio sitting around 11/1, and Wisconsin governor Scot Walker at 12/1. It’s just such a shame that Marco Rubio looks like he should be in a male hair care product advert having just gotten rid of all his unsightly grey hairs, and Scot Walker has the aesthetic appeal of weasel. That’s might seem shallow analysis but this will almost certainly count against them when the time comes.

Behind them are the desperately worrying Rand Paul, and the mobile gravity sink that is Chris Christie, both of whom garner odds of 18/1 to be the next President. Rand Paul looks like cherub that grew up, but unfortunately talks a lot of nonsense that many even on the Republican side find hard to swallow, and Chris Christie has more than the whiff of controversy about him that any half decent opponent would slaughter him with during the campaign.

Democrats will be gambling news in November 2016 is of a high turn out and a sweeping victory for the first female president of the United States, the Republicans will be praying for a low turn out and a viable candidate that has managed to appeal to female and minority voters. They’ll have to pray quite hard of course because from the way things look right now, and despite the long way there is to go, it is quite frankly going to take a miracle for them to win.

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