Why the House Always Wins or How to Break the Casino’s Rule Number 1?

  • The house is all designed to have higher odds to win
  • A bit more attention and control can rescue your pocket
why the house always wins

As a gambler, you have most probably run into a question – why the house always wins? There is one thing in the casino that is not dependent on luck. Remember the casino’s rule number 1? The house always wins. But is it possible to break that rule? 

Well, in the end, the casino is a money-making business. So, it’s their prime goal to get money from gamblers and not the other way around. But the gamblers still keep on playing on online gambling sites in the USA. For instance, you can find the best betting odds at CyberBingo.

But what about inland casinos? Next time you enter the house, be more attentive to details. You will see then that the casino’s interior design, music, and sound effects are all specially designed. In a way to let casino win. So, let’s see the main reasons why the house always stays ahead of its customers.

The House Never Cheats, It Only Uses Its Tactics

Irrespective of the game type you pick to gamble at, the casino’s odds to win are always great than yours. So, casinos are designed in a way to give it an edge.

That also concerns how they distributed the profitability coming from the games. The games with the lowest house edge constitute only 1-2% of the casino’s profit. Other games, however, the house expects to generate around 15-25% of profits. So, the average gross profit that the casino’s earnings come from the house edge.

The house does not want its gamblers to go bankrupt (since they won’t be able to the house again). Casino only aims you to leave it with less money than you came with.

So, if you think of cheating as the reason why the house always wins, it is not so. It’s just a tactic. The house is not able to affect the cards you get in a game. They simply work on the designs.

Overuse of the House’s Hospitality Is Another Reason Why the House Always Wins

It is only the right distribution of profitability but also the interior design that gives a house an edge. And the main objective of this design is to make you want to stay for as much as you can. Surely, this is not a case with online casinos in the USA. 

why the house always wins
Don’t overuse the hospitality.

Have you ever noticed the absence of windows or clocks in the house? Well, there is a logic behind this – to make you lose track of time. So, at the casino, you won’t feel if it is 11 pm or 11 am already.

Next, the tight passageways that have the changing lines over wide and prolonged areas to play. This aims to make your scope of vision wider and create a feeling of comfort. So, in this way, every game feels like your private space. The creation of this feeling of privacy is what is hiding behind the narrow corridors. The more comfortable you feel yourself while playing, the more you want to stay there.

But, that’s not all of it. Music can evoke a lot our emotions. And the house uses it to direct those feelings in the right for the house way. Free alcoholic beverages, the relevant music, pleasing odors – perfect to make you feel wanted in the house.

Many Gamblers Confuse This

Some experienced gamblers are already aware of the house edge. So, another reason why the house always wins is the misunderstanding of it. However, it does not change the fact that they still keep playing and making money for the casino. Gamblers might think that a 5% edge from roulette means that after a few hours gambling with starting a bankroll of $100 will make them lose only $5. But the thing is, the house edge comes not from the initial bankroll but the whole amount.

Let’s say you placed a $5 bet for every roulette wheel spin. The roulette wheel rotates 50 times in an hour. That is, you place $250 an hour bet. After you play, say, 4 hours and the house wins, you only lose $50, which is 5% of $1000. However, this is still 10 times more than your initial bankroll of $5.

why the house always wins
Don’t get confused.

Perfect System for Catching Cheating Gamblers

As we said, the house never cheats. Therefore, it expects its gamblers to act respectively, However, the cases are different and, in fact, lots of players try to cheat in casinos.

But security is one of the main issues in casinos. Video cameras, casino staff, and dealers are all together fighting against cheating in casinos. Many houses have hundreds of different cameras, including sophisticated 360 degrees cameras. Security staff always stays alert and is monitoring these cameras live. Some of the cameras even include face detection function.

These are the main reasons why the house always wins. So, you just need to be more attentive and to be able to stop in time while playing or read tips that will help you win at online casinos. Find more online gambling bonuses in the USA and find the games with the best odds to play!

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