Why the Revolutionary Sharemypair App Is Used by Phil Helmuth Jr. and Destined to Improve Your Poker Game

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Sharemypair is the embodiment of Poker 2.0, a revolutionary peer-to-peer sharing concept that is helping countless poker players improve their games.

Poker aficionados and entrepreneurs Steve Miller and Rich Sondheimer are the creative minds behind Sharemypair, a popular new social media app catering specially to serious poker players. On the surface, the app is simple enough: poker players can share stories and hands in real time by easily creating animated videos. You just enter the info, and there it is.

We’ve already told readers how Sharemypair works. This piece delves into the inspiration behind the app and how it fits into Poker 2.0, the revolutionary concept driving Miller and Sondheimer.

What is Poker 2.0

• Sharemypair is part of Steve Miller and Rich Sondheimer’s “Poker 2.0” concept focusing on user-generated content

• The app is a social networking tool particularly useful for players looking to get positive feedback

• A poker player for decades, Miller says that the app has improved his game immensely in a short amount of time

Poker 2.0 is the philosophy behind their business model. Miller told me that he had been interested in a peer-to-peer approach to poker information for some time, but stumbled upon the gambling news-making concept more or less by accident.

The story goes, he was telling a poker pro about his ideas when he was told, “you’ve just discovered poker 2.0.” Miller defines it as “peer-to-peer sharing of user generated content.”

It aims to cut out the middle man, allowing poker aficionados to create their own community for the purpose of friendly interaction or getting serious positive feedback on their games. As a social network in its own right, Sharemypair is the embodiment of Poker 2.0.

The inspiration behind the app

Miller has been playing poker seriously since his teenage years. Like anyone serious about improving their game, he has always sought feedback and advice from fellow players and poker writers.

In the old days this meant reading magazines with analysis of hands and reader-submitted poker stories. This was limited by default, as only the lucky few were able to get their stories published and peer-to-peer feedback was difficult to come by.

Then the internet rolled around during the 1990s. Suddenly players were swamped with free content, but in the words of Miller, most of it was “low quality.” There were tons of poker forums, but as every internet user knows, sifting through them for useful information often feels like embarking on a wild goose chase.

Once the technological frontier advanced far enough, Miller and Sondheimer came up with the idea of a peer-to-peer social network that would allow players to create and share their own content and receive positive feedback from both pros and everyday users. To use an overused metaphor, Sharemypair is the “Facebook of poker.”

The idea was endorsed early on by legendary pro Phil Helmuth Jr., who saw it as a great addition to the poker world and a platform that could compete with the best forums and instructional sites.

The live component of Sharemypair

The great thing about peer-to-peer platforms like Sharemypair is that users are in control of the content. They truly determine both the what and why of communication. That being said, Miller and Sondheimer see the app primarily as a training tool for players of all skill levels.

While Miller has been playing poker for decades, he remarked that the app has greatly improved his game in a short amount of time. Getting positive feedback from other players has opened his eyes to nuances of the game he didn’t notice before. Really, that’s the point of Sharemypair.

One great thing about it is that players can use it to analyze their games after the fact or get real-time input while sitting in any American poker room. As a user himself, Miller filled me in on how he uses the app: “If I played an interesting hand, I’ll post it right at the table.”

This of course only one of the many instances, including while taking a break from play or rehashing his evening after returning home. But the real-time aspect of Sharemypair is truly revolutionary.

Unlike in the fixed online platform, the user can create and post a video in seconds. And content can be shared not only between users of Sharemypair but via email, text message and social media sites like Facebook.

An eye to the future

Sharemypair is already a fantastic app, but that doesn’t mean that Miller and Sondheimer aren’t finished. Miller filled me in on several ways the app has been improved from its initial launch and what they have in mind for the future.

The founders have added a comment counter, a feature which allows users to scroll through the most commented on videos and posts. This has made useful information easy to find, adding to its usefulness as a training tool.

They also intend to make the app easier to use. Miller mentioned making it possible for users to enter data faster, allowing them to create and share content in seconds. This will make it even easier to share poker hands and stories “right at the table.”

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