Wide Funding Options for American Non-Gambling Virgin Gaming Clients

Virgin Gaming partners up with Mazooma to deliver better payment options to its non-gaming clients

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Virgin Gaming is famous not only for its real money gambling empire. It also offers non-gambling online casinos in United States. Members can compete with each other in order to win cash and other valuable prizes.

Now, Virgin Gaming non-gambling members have a new financial option to take care of their money transactions. The new partnership between Virgin Gaming and Mazooma, operating in full compliance with American gambling laws, offers a safe and easy way to take care of online bank wire payments.

The latest partnership will allow Virgin Gaming customers to utilize the funds directly from their bank accounts in order to compete in cash tournaments and head-to-head games.

United States gambling news reports that American clients will receive an option to deposit funds right into their Virgin Gaming accounts to compete against other members for cash rewards in premium EA Sports games including FIFA 12, Madden NFL 12, NHL 12, which are extremely popular with PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 gaming consoles owners.

Mazooma is a renowned real-time payment processor for e-commerce, which is popular worldwide. It provides an option to fund an electronic wallet or purchase digital goods via online bank accounts.

Virgin Gaming CFO, Harp Gahunia, commented the partnership: “Mazooma is an ideal payment option for our target customer demographic. Not all of our gamers have access to credit cards, but they do have bank accounts. Mazooma lets us reach this entirely new player base.”

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