Police Crack Down On Gambling In Indian Tamil Nadu

An Indian state has taken action after selfish gamblers cause family upsets

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The police in Tamil Nadu have taken action to curb and cut down gambling addicts across the Indian state, after several families have reportedly suffered devastating losses that has deeply affected their families state of living, according to India gambling news.

Whilst the Indian gambling laws are scattered, very confusing and differ from region to region, state police have found themselves with no option but close down gambling haunts and catch out unsuspecting problem gamblers, after their losses became too much to bare for some families.

In an open letter to K.C. Mahali, Commissioner of Police in Salem, a town in Tamil Nadu, India, the wife of a yarn merchant wrote the following: “My husband goes to play cards on Friday evening and returns only on Monday morning. He has lost everything in gambling and I have given all my jewels. Thanks for taking action and closing down the gambling clubs.”

The letter was one of many to arrive, after police raided several local gambling pits and illegal gambling clubs. A staggering 155 cases have been reported in the last few days with over 455 arrests of problematic gamblers made. The police decided to act after hundred of local women complained about the excessiveness of their partners gambling addictions, and the great discomfort it was causing them.

S. George, Additional Director of Police spoke last week, of the Salem and Coimbatore raids: “A state-wide crackdown on illegal gambling clubs was ordered following persistent complaints from the women folk. Besides complaints of nuisance, drunken brawls and late night gatherings, there were also specific instances of how families got ruined due to gambling.”

He went on to add: “Intensive vigil will be maintained to ensure that the illegal gambling activities do not revive. There have been several instances where persons indulging in gambling suffered huge losses which affected their livelihood and family.”

As a crackdown on the illegal site goes on, police will continue to search private guesthouses, hotels and other suspicious areas to ensure the problem stays beaten. It is uncertain at this time, if the crackdown will continue to touch upon the internet betting also. As well as Salem and Coimbatore, similar raids have also been carried in Karur, Tiruchi, Tirunelveli and Virudhunager also.

Thought most forms of gambling are in fact illegal in India, certain regions do allow gambling, such as Goa. There are however no laws either against or for online gambling sites in India, and despite most people believed it be outlawed, gamblers are allowed to use foreign based online casinos to gamble, or the single licensed online casino in India.

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