Will Federer win ATP Halle 2017?

Federer ATP Halle

The tournament is going on already, and the most important questions that has been left unanswered so far is the following: will Federer win ATP Halle 2017 as well as many other trophies in his outstanding career? Let’s take a look at what we can expect based on tennis betting predictions!

ATP Halle 2017 is ending in two days, which means that online betting news in Germany have it until then till they find out who the most likely candidate to win is. However, they already have a clear favourite, whose name is not coming as a shocking surprise to anyone who has ever heard anything of the sport “tennis,”

Yes, we are talking about the biggest legend who participated in the competition. Who also happens to be the biggest tennis legend of the past few centuries. It’s probably already became obvious to all of those who frequently bet on tennis that we are in fact talking about Roger Federer. However, certain important questions arise, the most important one being the following: Will Federer win ATP Halle 2017?

Will Federer win ATP Halle 2017?

Roger Federer is without a doubt the biggest name in the tournament and hence he is the most likely candidate for the title. All online sportsbooks in Germany regard this piece of information as a fact. How can we know it so precisely? It’s easy. All we need to do is take a look at the tennis betting odds to see that everyone expects the Swiss man to win.

The odds for Federer to win ATP Halle 2017 are 1.57 (4/7) at Betfair. He is facing Florian Mayer later on today and it would be a shocking surprise if Roger failed to win. However, we probably don’t need to count on such an outcome. Mayer’s odds to beat Federer are above 10.00…while the odds for Federer to win are below 1.08 on average. It seems like an obvious battle, and it seems like we can already count on Federer reaching the semi-final…

Can anyone challenge Federer at ATP Halle 2017?

There are only 8 players competing to win ATP Halle 2017. One of them is the biggest tennis legend Roger Federer. Apart from him, the biggest names still in play are Alexander Zverev and Richard Gasquet. Their odds to win the tournament are 4.33 (10/3) and 11.40 (52/5) respectively. So, as you can see, none of them is either Nadal or Djokovic…

However, if Federer failed to win due to any unexpected event, you could make a fortune of his failure. Can any of these players stop Roger Federer from winning another trophy? Can you make a fortune out of betting against Federer? Join your favourite online sportsbooks to bet on Federer losing at ATP Halle 2017 and grow rich thanks to the incredible odds at Betfair, for example!

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