Will the Host Win Netball Commonwealth Games 2018?

Will the Host Win Netball Commonwealth Games 2018?

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After four years of waiting, 2018 Commonwealth Games has finally arrived! This year’s host is none other than Australia. Are you wondering whether Australia will also become the winner of Netball Commonwealth Games 2018? Let’s check out the winning odds!

All sporting competitions of the 2018 Commonwealth Games will be held in Gold Coast, Australia. The date for Women’s netball games spans from April 4 to 15, which is the final round. A total of 12 nations are competing to become Netball Commonwealth Games 2018 winner. Before you place your bet on one specific country, you might want to check out online sportsbook promotions in Australia!

The Diamonds Betting Odds

Diamonds, the Australian team, have the best odds to become the winner of Netball Commonwealth Games 2018 at 1/2. Netball as a sports program was added to the Commonwealth Games in 1998. Since then, the Diamonds have won 3 gold and 2 silver medals. What’s more? Currently, Australia is also first on the International Netball Federation World or INF World Rankings. High betting odds definitely suit them!

Always a Step behind Australia

New Zealand boasts a strong netball team. However, they are just one step behind Australia. As opposed to Australia, 2 gold and 3 silver netball medals were what New Zealand has achieved. It was a complete mirror result! This is why online sportbooks in Australia estimate the second best odds at 3/1 for New Zealand to be Netball Commonwealth Games 2018 winner.

Bronze Nations Turns to Gold?

According to online gambling sites in Australia, England (7/2) and Jamaica (50/1) could become Netball Commonwealth Games 2018 winner. England is ranked third and Jamaica fourth in the World Rankings. Previously, the two nations have managed to win bronze medals for netball at the Commonwealth Games. It’s a long shot, but 2018 could be the year that one of them turns from bronze to the first gold medal!

Bet on the Netball Commonwealth Games 2018 Winner!

Our host, Australia (1/2), is by far the bookies’ favourite to win Netball Commonwealth Games 2018. The New Zealand team (3/1) also have a pretty good shot at winning. On the other hand, England (7/2) and Jamaica (50/1) are considered long shot bets. Now that you know the best betting odds, you can go ahead and bet on the Commonwealth Games 2018 at 1xBet Sportsbook!

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