Champion Bumper Odds Show It’s Open To All In 2018

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Following the Beast From The East cold snap the Cheltenham Festival will be heavy going this year which throws a wonderful element of unpredictability into the mix in 2018, something entirely born out by the Champion Bumper odds which are wide open and the perfect opportunity for you to take advantage of UK gambling laws and have a little flutter on one of the most prestigious National Hunt Flat races on the calendar. Question is; Just who should you be backing? We take a look.

This grade 1 race for four to six year-olds has produced some great racing over the years and that’s likely to go double for this year’s race where the heavy conditions throws the race wide open. On thick soggy turf that two miles and half a furlong are going to seem a heck of a long way and those Champion Bumper odds make it a tricky choice of wager, although that said we can perhaps get one or two clues from some of the past winners, particularly the record of some of the trainers involved.

The big name is Willie Mullins the Irishman who has form on this race with 8 wins to his name down the years, three of them ridden by Ruby Walsh, and this year has the current favorite in the Champion Bumper odds with Blackbow at a hugely generous 5/1, a testament to just how unpredictable this one is going to be. But can he add a ninth win to his tally or will the likes of Acey Milan, Felix Desjy or Didtheyleaveuoutto give Blackbow a black eye? It’ll make UK gambling news headlines if they do.

Can Mullins Make It Nine Wins With Blackbow?

Champion Bumper Odds
Doc Penfro – 100/1
• Arch My Boy – 66/1
• Volcano – 40/1
• Seddon – 33/1
• Stoney Mountain – 33/1
• Nestor Park – 33/1
• Dashel Drasher – 33/1
• Herecomestheboom- 33/1
• Relegate – 25/1
• The Big Bite – 25/1
• Colreevy – 25/1
• Thebannerkingrebel – 25/1

The big field means there’s some lovely outside bets for those of that disposition, Doc Penfro brings up the rear on 100/1, Arch My Boy sits at 66/1 behind Volcano on 40/1 and there’s a massively tempting gaggle of 33/1 shots in the Champion Bumper odds to choose from just ahead of it. Seddon, Stoney Mountain, Nestor Park, Dashel Drasher, and Herecomestheboom join the wonderfully named The Flying Sofa at the same odds and each might come in the top three at least this year, given the going.

Thebannerkingrebel is hovering around 25/1 precisely because it favors firmer going and Colreevy, The Big Bite and Relegate all get the same Champion Bumper odds just barely ahead of Mercy Mercy Me and Crooks Peak on 20/1. You can get a very tempting 16/1 on Know The Score, a definite consideration if you’re going to place an each-way wager on the Cheltenham Festival races this week, but if you’re going to grab that 12/1 on Carefully Selected or 9/1 on Rhinestone don’t hedge too much.

Find All The Champion Bumper Odds Online

Champion Bumper Betting

• Mercy Mercy Me – 20/1
• Crooks Peak – 20/1
• Know The Score – 16/1
• Carefully Selected – 12/1
• Rhinestone – 9/1
• Didtheyleaveyoutto – 8/1
• Acey Milan – 8/1
• Felix Desjy – 7/1
• Tornado Flyer – 7/1
• Blackbow – 5/1

Naturally it’ll be the top of the field which will be of most interest to those who regularly bet on sports in the UK and with that unpredictable weather related factor (there is actually snow predicted for Cheltenham this coming weekend!) there’s not really much to choose between the favorites in the Champion Bumper odds because no one is entirely sure how this race will go down, least of all the bookies. Sure, backing the Mullins horse is always a good rule of thumb, but will that apply this year?

Even deciding to back Mullins you’ve still options open to you as Tornado Flyer is another of his horses and sitting alongside french ride Felix Desjy on just 7/1 only barely getting the nod ahead of the Honeyball trained horse Acey Milan which garners a neat 8/1, and over this distance on the day there’s a good chance the non-Irish interloper might snaffle the win from them and that 5/1 favorite Blackbow, although you’d have to be mad not to back the favorite with these Champion Bumper odds available.

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