Will The Senegal Women’s Basketball Team Surprise Rio Rivals?

Senegal women's basketball

The Basketball gets underway at the Olympics and all eyes turn to see if the Senegal Women’s Basketball Team can return to win over some of their more illustrious rivals. Can this outside bet be the winning side in Rio this summer? The bookies might not think so but they’ve been known to be wrong, so if you’re looking for a long-shot at the XXXI Olympiad, look no further.

Senegal Vs USA

  • Senegal – 50/1
  • USA – 1/500
  • Draw – 50/1

My own experience with basketball was severely and significantly tainted by two unrelated occurrences. The first is my having been born short. Basketball is a game for tall people and I’m not one of them, thus I fare badly on court, especially as I have neither physical fitness nor skill to speak of either. The second is that during a game at school I reached rapidly to intercept a pass twixt opposing players and inexplicably punched my games master in the face hard enough to knock him over.
He was displeased. Especially as my classmates decided to underline the event by laughing at him.

Olympic Basketball (Women)

  • USA 1/14
  • Australia 8/1
  • Spain >14/1
  • France 20/1

The Senegal Women’s Basketball team probably didn’t have a wrathful Physical Education instructor to contend with and return to the 2016 Rio Olympics after a decade-and-a-half’s absence from the competition with an experienced team, many of whom play internationally for clubs across the world, and there’s quiet optimism emanating from coach Mamadou Gaye who is just one Senegalese gambling news from Group B in the tournament will be of Senegal Women’s Basketball team surprising us all.

Back After A Break And In At The Deep End

The Senegal Women’s Basketball team is up against Spain, the United States and Canada in Group B with Serbia and China along for the ride, whilst Group A is comprised of Australia, France, Japan and, because they’re hosting the games and get a freebie, a team from Brazil, who get to join Belarus and Turkey in the competition. We’ll have to wait and see who makes it to the semi-finals to fight for the medals but right now the Senegal Women’s Basketball team is likely just focusing on their first match.

senegal women's basketball

Senegalese star Aya Traoré (Photo: True Africa)

There’s nothing like jumping in at the deep end and having been absent from the last few Olympics the Senegal Women’s Basketball team find themselves up against the United States in their first game this Sunday. Naturally if you’re apt to bet on sports in Senegal you will be happy to hear that at Bet365 or its ilk you can get rather tasty 50/1 odds on winning that match, the US somewhat favorites to do so at just 1/500 in some cases. So it’s a bit of a long shot, but stranger things have happened at the Olympics.

Bet365 Give The Senegal Women’s Basketball Team Just 1000/1 To Win Gold

You can get slightly more interesting odds on the spread in that game but all in all I think if you’re going to take advantage of Senegalese gambling laws a small wager at Bet365 on the Senegal Women’s Basketball team to narrowly squeak a win should not be overlooked this weekend. With Mame Diodio Diouf up front with Mame-Marie Sy, Astou Traore and Oumou Toure alongside her, they’ve the firepower but it will be up to centers Lala Wane, Maimouna Diarra and Marie-Sadio Roches to get set them up for the points.

Of course in the Senegal Women’s Basketball team it will be Guards Ourmoul Thiam, Aya Traore and Aida Fall to prevent the opposition getting points but they will be relying on Bintaou Dieme and Fatou Dieng (both Power Guards) to assist. They’ve the experience but do they have the cohesion to bring off a stunning win on Sunday and even go for a medal? Well the bookies like Bet365 have them at 1000/1 to get the gold with the US favorites at 1/14 (the Aussies are next at 8/1) although you can get 250/1 the Senegal Women’s Basketball team will make the final which is more tempting, and better than a term long detention for assaulting a member of staff.

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