Will Trump Open a Casino in Miami? – Chances are Rising

  • A new bill alleged: Will Trump open a casino in Miami?
  • The bill still has to pass the opposition
  • There is a lot against Trump to be back in the industry
Will Trump Open a Casino in Miami?

As many facilities in the catering industry, Donald Trump’s Doral golf club has also been having a hard time for the past year. Now, it seems like the club has a chance to turn its luck over. It depends on the new Florida bill on gambling can pass. If it does, we could be wondering: will Trump open a casino in Miami?

The elegant and exclusive Doral golf club is near Miami. It is a very popular place for residents and tourists as well. But the difficulties of the past year did not spare this facility either. So, the new bill – pushed forward by the owner of a Miami Beach hotel – could mean a lifeline. It would make it possible for the club to operate a casino. And this could bring a nice revenue for the club – and for Mr. Trump. But for now, everyone is just guessing if Trump will open a casino in Miami – nothing is sure yet. Until they get the green light – or other land-based casinos open up – gamblers can always enjoy themselves on online casino sites in the US, such as Ignition Casino.

How will Trump open a casino in Miami?

Will Trump Open a Casino in Miami?
Will he open a casino?

According to Daily Mail, the bill was proposed by Jeffrey Soffer, the owner of a landmark Miami Beach hotel. It is not clear if the former President had anything to do about it, like lobbying for the case. And so far, no proposal has been made public. Still, it is a known fact that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Trump are close allies. It is also widely known that Trump has long wanted to attach a casino to the Doral. And as the source put it, the bill “would reportedly allow the owner of a gambling license attached to a jai-alai building or racetrack to transfer it to another property”. Although Trump is officially not the owner of these, he could buy one and transfer the license to the Trump National Doral property.

On the other hand…

Just like with every other gambling issue in the world, there are opposing sides here as well. While the Doral is really in need of a little stand-by, there are other tourism and gambling interest that will be against the idea. There is for example the Seminole Tribe of Florida – owning numerous casinos in the state – and the Walt Disney World. Both parties spent millions to keep gambling enlargement off Florida’s tribal lands. Of course, online options, like Ignition Casino are still rising. Unlucky for Trump, they have a major sway in the Capitol of Florida. A 2018 amendment to the state constitution can also be an obstacle. It aims to stop casino-style gambling expansion off tribal lands in the state. These do not sound promising to Trump if he will open a casino in Miami. But for gamblers, it is not that bad, since they can still use online gambling sites in the US!

Trump: back in the business?

If Donald Trump will eventually open a casino in Miami, it would mean that he returns to one of his old businesses. He used to operate casinos for a long time both in Atlantic City and New Jersey. He already tried his luck with the industry, but his places collapsed because of bankruptcy in the 1990s and later again at the beginning of the 2000s. However, despite these not too fortunate attempts, it seems like he would try his luck again. This new opportunity could mean a lot for his business empire since the Doral is the biggest revenue generator in it. But as for now, the interests of Trump and Soffer are standing against that of Miami Beach Mayor, Dan Gelber, the developer of the Doral suburb, and also its residents who are all great opponents of the case. Well, let us wait it out!

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