Winning The National Lottery Won’t Save The Planet Alas

  • The National Lottery Finances Research Into UK Carbon Footprint 
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  • Chris Packham Pushes UK Public To Be Greener Moving Forward
Winning The National Lottery
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Winning the National Lottery is, as one might imagine, usually viewed as a good thing. One has to put quite a bit of effort into finding those rare cases where winners fail to live happily ever after. However, never put it beyond a BBC television naturist to scatter the landmines of doubt across the horizon of humanity. You may think winning progressive jackpot lotteries would solve all your problems. Chris Packham thinks you’re wrong, and the National Lottery paid to prove it. 

If we do want to make the future a greener, and greater, place for future generations,” Explains Chris Packham, “We do really need to start changing our behavior today.” It’s a familiar message and one you’d expect from a presenter of “Springwatch” a popular BBC television nature show. Thing is, new research proves this isn’t actually happening. We’re not getting better and the climate is getting worse. So winning the National Lottery won’t solve the biggest issue you have.

Money is only useful in a world where it still has value. An ecological apocalypse will make spending your millions quite tricky. So winning the National Lottery only has a meaning in a world such as the one we enjoy today. Research showing we’re not really bothering, and are dooming the planet, is thus not very encouraging. It certainly doesn’t encourage seeking out the best lottery jackpots, does it? And who paid for this new research? The National Lottery. Classic.   

Packham Supports You Winning The National Lottery

Fewer than half of those questioned felt the world would be a greener place in the future. This shouldn’t surprise you. 73% admitted using more electricity, around 34% to heating their home more. Entirely understandable I’m sure, but it’s not a rosy picture for the future of the planet. The planet you need if you want to enjoy winning the National Lottery. Packham tried a positive spin. “It’s good that the public is being so honest about not doing enough.” He tried. Oh dear, Chris. 

“It does surprise me the figure is so high.”

  • Chris Packham – TV Naturalist

This proves that like even the best lotto jackpot reviews, everyone can have a bad day at work. “It’s so easy to be green.” He tried on firmer footing. “It starts in our own homes and with our own behavior.” Which is almost certainly true. However unless you place an ecological policeman in each home, little will change. We like comfortable and easy. Human nature is like that. How a naturalist like Packham fails to remember this is puzzling. People are animals too.   

Winning The National Lottery
Chris Packham – Image source: Flickr

Lotto Agent Takes The Guesswork Away

Failing to understand the nature of humans whilst trying to be the human face of nature is a trifle amusing. Even so winning the National Lottery is still a dream toward which Chris would urge you. Packham is a big fan. Indeed you might almost think nature isn’t the only thing he fronts for. “The National Lottery has given a staggering amount of funding to help communities at a local and regional level to tackle climate change.” He said hitting every PR keyword on right on cue.

“We are faced with a decision. We can carry on as normal, except that normal won’t last very long before it precipitates in a disaster or we can do something brave.”

  • Chris Packham – TV Naturalist 

And it’s thanks to National Lottery players, who raise £30million a week for good causes, that this work can happen.” Chris finished off for good measure. Shame ‘We’re spending all this money and it’s not really working’ isn’t actually a great message. It’s a bit like trying to find the best lottery to play without using Lotto Agent; There’s an air of futility to it. Of course, even if we’re all doomed winning the National Lottery would allow you to buy one of those bunkers, right? 

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We take a look at how Chris Packham is fine with you winning the National Lottery but thinks you should do it quite soon really.

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