Woman Discovers $3m Lottery Win Amid Her Daily Spam

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Win The Lottery

We’d all like to win the lottery. That’s a given. We’d also all like to never see another spam email as long as we live. Now it may not seem these two are very much related. However, as Laura Spears found out, try as you might to win the best progressive jackpot lotteries at Lotto Agent, you’ll only know you have if your spam filter doesn’t sabotage your chances. She came close to losing out on her $3m win but lucked out. Can you guarantee you’ll be as fortunate? 

Once upon a time, I’d have started this by saying ‘spam is the plague of the 21st century. These days, that doesn’t sound quite as satirical as it once did. However whilst we may have demoted it in recent years, it still remains a profound irritation of our modern lives. We now, more than ever, rely on email, and all that spam just gets in the way. Indeed it now transpires you could win the lottery and have spam simply prevent you from knowing. Why? Because of the filters, of course.

We all now have them, either set by default or through our own ministrations. These filters ensure that our inboxes remain free of adverts and con tricks. They are essential. Without them we’d drown in spam. Especially as so many of us now work outside the moribund office environs. However, as well as cutting away the rubbish, spam filters can also prevent you knowing if you win the lottery, or so a story in the best lotto jackpot reviews recently tells us. 

Spam Filters Hide Essential Lottery Notification

You’d think people would know when they win the lottery. As if somehow they come to feel touched by the zeitgeist or something. Laura Spears, however, was wholly unaware of her win. Indeed she only discovered she’d won $3m after going off in search of a missing email. We can all identify with this. Much as we need and are grateful for spam filters, sometimes they can seem a little over-enthusiastic. Like a US Marine search-&-destroy mission getting out of hand. 

“I definitely added the Michigan Lottery to my safe senders list.”

  • Laura Spears – Lottery winner

Ever had to wade through piles of unwanted rubbish just to find the one email your spam filter erroneously threw in with them? Of course, you have. Everyone has. Indeed Laura Spears was. She wasn’t trying to win the lottery, just find a missing email. However, one of the spam emails caught her eye. It told her she had won one of the best lottery jackpots in her state. Which, as you might imagine, put her in quite a state. After all this might be another piece of useless spam.

   Win The Lottery

Lotto Agent Can Help You Win The Lottery

I couldn’t believe what I was reading so I logged into my Lottery account to confirm the message in the email.” She then discovered she had really won $3m. It wasn’t just more spam. “It’s all still so shocking to me that I really won $3 million!” She trilled, before going on to assure the gathered media she’d add the Michigan lottery to her safe senders list. As spam filters get ever more intrusive and complex it’s something we might all need to start thinking about. 

“I was looking for a missing email from someone.”

  • Laura Spears – Lottery Winner 

Sure, if you want to win the lottery at Lotto Agent or wherever perhaps the first rule is pay attention. There’s a lot going on in the world and you can easily forget these little side ventures. So if you go forth and seek the best lottery to play do keep tabs on what you’ve played where. Yes, you can rely on your email to receive any notifications, but can you count on yourself to read them? Or your spam filter not to erase them from view? See, there’s thing to learn from Laura. 

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We take a look at how checking your spam folder every now and then might help you win the lottery.

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