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Posted: June 18, 2024

Updated: June 18, 2024

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There are several ways in which we can respect our poker players, but some people just have it harder than others due to a bad era in our society. Today we are going to pay respect to women in poker, by highlighting some of the most amazing talents. No, they did not manipulate anyone with their looks. It was pure analytic skills and a brilliant mind that got them where they were.

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Let’s take a moment and appreciate the fact that women in poker did not give up their passion, despite all of the hardships they had to face. By hardship, we mean the general creeps who fill the table on the non-professional scene where everyone has to start. Of course, above being a woman, they are human, which generally deserves attention for prowess in their field. Today, any human has the chance to try poker, and we heard stories from the direst of situations where they became heroes from zeros by playing poker.

Despite all that, the most important thing is to keep it responsible and to not play with the money you don’t have. If you are ready to play poker online with skill and responsibility, we recommend you try some of the online poker sites in the US.

To Be A Women In Poker – Introduction

In today’s age, to be a woman in poker is much easier than it used to be. Thus, we have to pay homage to our trailblazers who have disproved all the stereotypes and stood against all the social pressure at the table where there should be none. While this is not the best example, just take a look at the most recent Hustler Casino cheating scandal. Lew was accused of cheating, and while we still do not believe that her play was fully clean, a thorough investigation showed that she was innocent, and in fact, it was her who a security guard stole from.

Thus, you can be a woman playing poker, but you will be sexualized or even accused of cheating. Some people just can not accept the fact that women can win. But the people on this list all proved them wrong, creating an opening for new female poker pros to shine in their field. According to Reddit, most women quit due to the creeps at the table.

Female all in poker

Kathy Liebert

Women in poker may all be inspired by Kathy Liebert. She is a trailblazer in the world of poker, known for her strategic prowess and numerous achievements. Born on October 1, 1967, in Nashville, Tennessee, Liebert discovered her passion for poker after graduating with a degree in business and finance from Marist College. Her analytical mind and competitive spirit propelled her into the spotlight of the poker world. According to the WSOP, she has a total of $1,757,215 in earnings from poker.

Liebert’s career took off in the late 1990s, and she quickly became one of the most respected players on the circuit. In 2002, she made history by winning the Party Poker Million, a tournament that awarded her a staggering $1 million prize. This victory solidified her status as one of the top poker professionals and showcased her exceptional skills in limit hold’em. If you are interested in trying poker, we recommend Juicy Stakes.

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Maria Ho – Women In Poker

Moving on to the next star at the table, Maria Ho truly changed the way people viewed rookies. Born on March 6, 1983, in Taipei, Taiwan, Ho moved to the United States at a young age and developed an interest in poker during her college years at the University of California, San Diego.

Maria’s poker career is marked by numerous accomplishments, including over $4 million in live tournament earnings. She is known for her deep runs in major tournaments, such as finishing 27th in the 2007 WSOP Main Event, which made her the last woman standing in that event. We believe she is easily among the top 6 famous female poker players to get inspired by. Not only switching countries but becoming the queen of her craft, with consistent performance. Due to her charisma, later she became a successful television host as well.

Ho the best poker player

Liv Boeree

Liv Boeree, born on July 18, 1984, in Kent, England, is a multifaceted personality known for her prowess in poker, her academic achievements, and her work in science communication. She graduated with a degree in astrophysics from the University of Manchester, which underscores her analytical abilities that have contributed significantly to her poker success. She showed that women in poker are not the usual stereotypes, winning due to their looks alone.

Rather, Liv Boeree is a highly intelligent individual who knows how to analyze the table. She was amazing, and this has earned her a remarkable €1,250,000 on the European Poker Tour. Essentially, she is the queen of the European poker scene, but her career is already over. She decided to quit to pursue voice and television roles in her career, which is a respectable thing. Smart people quit at the top, taking everything home.

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Jennifer Harman – Women In Poker

Jennifer Harman is a legend in the poker world, renowned for her exceptional skills and trailblazing achievements. Born on November 29, 1964, in Reno, Nevada, Harman has been a fixture in high-stakes poker games for decades. Her fearless approach and deep understanding of the game have earned her a place among poker’s elite. A star quality player, who earned roughly $5000 on a single Limit Hold’Em event.

According to the HighstakesDB, she is not nearly as active as she used to be, but that is a part of being a star at some point. We believe that Jennifer Harman has the looks, style, attitude, and knowledge to be much more than just a poker player. She should star as the main character in some sort of action-poker movies, such as James Bond.

The best female poker player of all time

Vanessa Selbst

If you are interested in how female poker pros turned the tables on gender stereotypes, then you have to look no further. Women in poker all have one common role model, and this is Vanessa Selbst. Vanessa Selbst is one of the most accomplished and influential poker players of all time, renowned for her strategic brilliance and groundbreaking success. Born on July 9, 1984, in Brooklyn, New York, Selbst’s academic background is as impressive as her poker career.

She holds a degree in political science from Yale University and a law degree from Yale Law School. Her career earnings exceed $11 million, making her one of the highest-earning female poker players in history. Her aggressive playing style and deep understanding of game theory have set her apart from her peers. If you are interested in trying poker yourself, we recommend Juicy Stakes.

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