Can Online Casino Autoplay Help You Win More?


Posted: June 18, 2024

Updated: June 18, 2024

Many players have a fixed idea that the more spins they do, the greater the chance of winning. Though there is some truth in the sheer size of numbers making a slight different, it's still important to recall that each and every spin is an independant event. Your chances of winning are the same with each spin. With this in mind, you'll see that autoplay can't help you to win more.

Autoplay in online casinos is like setting a cruise control for gambling, specifically on slot machines. Normally, you’d press a button to spin the reels each time. With online casino autoplay, you tell the game how many spins you want at a chosen bet amount, and it takes over, spinning the reels automatically one after another. This can be handy for a few reasons. First off, it saves time. You can relax and watch the spins instead of clicking every time. Secondly, it lets you multitask. You could set online casino autoplay going while you do other things, like watching TV. However, there are some pretty serious downsides. Autoplay can make it easy to lose track of time and money spent. It can also remove some of the excitement of playing, as you’re not actively clicking the button. 

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Can Autoplay Increase Your Winning Chances?

You are going to come across a large number of online casino sites in the UK offering games with the ability of being able to play by utilising the online casino auto play feature, and you may be wondering to yourself if you decide to play any game automatically by using the auto play feature will there be any increase in your chances of actually winning when playing those games in that way. This is in fact a good question, for we have noticed that some online casinos have now started to strictly prohibit their players using the online casino auto play option when those players have any type of casino bonus in their account, and there must be a reason for those casinos choosing to put this restriction in place!

Playing Slot Games With Online Casino Autoplay

In truth, autoplay at casinos like Bet365 Casino used on slots doesn’t directly increase your odds of winning. It’s actually more about convenience. Think of it like this: instead of manually clicking “spin” every time, online casino autoplay lets you set the number of spins and bet amount, then sit back and watch the symbols on the reels go round. Although online slot gamers can leverage autoplay for several advantages, these aren’t necessarily winning advantages. 

Autoplay Is A Time Saver – Imagine chilling and watching the reels spin instead of repeatedly clicking. This is especially useful for games with bonus features that take over the screen, letting you enjoy the show without missing a spin.

Online Casino Autoplay Allows For Multitasking – Set your spins and bet amount, then catch up on emails or watch a movie. This can be good for casual players who aren’t glued to the screen for every spin. Some autoplay features even let you set win/loss limits, helping you stick to your budget.

online casino autoplay
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However, as previously mentioned, you should be mindful of the downsides. This is because autoplay can blur the lines between entertainment and mindless gambling. According to online casino news in the UK, seeing spins happen rapidly can make it easy for online players to lose track of time and money spent. The thrill of clicking the button yourself can also be part of the fun, and online casino autoplay removes that element. So, while autoplay offers convenience, use it responsibly and with clear limits in place. However, there are some major benefits to be had when you play games such as video poker and blackjack online when you put into play and make use of the autoplay setting offered on those games. 

Playing Video Poker With The Autoplay Feature

Video poker offers a unique blend of chance and skill. You set your stake and the number of coins per hand, then click “Deal” to receive five cards. Here’s where the strategy kicks in: you analyse the cards and decide which ones to hold (potentially leading to winning combinations) and which to discard for replacements. This requires knowledge of card permutations and optimal hold strategies for each game variation. But what about online casino autoplay? It removes the decision-making entirely. The game automatically chooses the “best” cards based on a programmed strategy. This might seem foolproof, but there’s a catch:

  • Not All Video Poker Strategies Are Created Equal – While autoplay uses a pre-programmed strategy, it might not be the absolute best for the specific game variation you’re playing. Optimal hold strategies depend on the pay table (winnings for different hand combinations). A generic online casino autoplay strategy might not account for these nuances, potentially missing out on higher payouts.
  • Losing the Skill Aspect – A big appeal of video poker is mastering the art of reading cards and making strategic decisions. Autoplay removes this element, turning it into a more passive experience.
  • Fast Money = Faster Losses – Autoplay lets the game run on autopilot. This can lead to losing track of time and spending more than planned.
online casino autoplay
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So, while online casino autoplay eliminates decision fatigue and potential errors, it sacrifices the skill-based element and might not optimise your wins based on the specific game. Consider video poker autoplay for casual play, but if you want to maximise your potential winnings and enjoy the strategic challenge, manual play with a good understanding of hold strategies is the way to go.

Blackjack And Auto Play

Blackjack’s autoplay function offers a tempting advantage for beginners, but there’s more to the story. Here’s why it might not be the magic solution you think:

  • Perfect Play, Not Guaranteed Wins – While online casino autoplay utilises a “perfect blackjack strategy” based on statistical analysis, it doesn’t guarantee wins. Blackjack still involves an element of chance – the order in which cards are dealt. Even with perfect strategy, you can still lose hands.
  • Not All Blackjack is Equal – There are many blackjack variations with different rules and card shuffling methods. Autoplay might be programmed for a specific variant, but if you’re playing a different one, it might not be using the optimal strategy.
  • Learning Curve Bypassed – Blackjack’s beauty lies in mastering basic strategy. Online casino autoplay bypasses this learning process, hindering your ability to play independently in the future. Understanding strategy empowers you to make informed decisions and potentially improve your long-term results.
  • Mindless Play, Faster Losses – Autoplay removes the engagement of decision-making. You might lose track of time and bets, leading to faster money depletion compared to mindful play.

Think of online casino autoplay as training wheels. It can be helpful for beginners to grasp core strategy at online casinos like Bet365 Casino. However, for long-term success and a more rewarding experience, mastering basic blackjack strategy and playing manually is the better approach.  This allows you to adapt to different blackjack variations and make informed decisions that can potentially improve your gameplay.

Conclusion – Is Online Casino Autoplay Useful?

While online casino autoplay in video poker and blackjack avoids decision-making errors, remember to check casino bonus terms. Using autoplay with a bonus might be against the rules, leading to voided winnings. Always read the fine print to ensure smooth gameplay and avoid any unpleasant surprises. As for the usefulness of autoplay, while it’s a convenient feature, we suggest that you use it with caution.

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