Women Royal Rumble 2019 Frontrunners

Women Royal Rumble 2019 Frontrunners

Royal rumble is an epic 30-woman battle royal type match where WWE’s professional wrestling Superstars try to throw each other out the ring while keeping themselves firmly within. It’s a last-in-the-ring match which can last for hours, endurance is key for these women royal rumble 2019 frontrunners but who will be the last woman standing?

According to one gambling news site WWE’s decision to headline a female only wrestling match at one of its big-four pay-per-view events shows how popular female professional wrestling has become. After the initially failing woman’s revolution these women royal rumble 2019 frontrunners were instrumental in kick-starting a new revolution in 2015, the aptly named Divas Revolution, a massive boost in the popularity of female professional wrestling.

The Royal Rumble match is different from the classic Battle Royal as wrestlers enter one at a time, with previous match wins determining entry place. That means if you’re picked at the start of the match you’ve got a long way to go if you want to win. Interestingly, throughout Royal Rumble’s history the 27th wrestler to enter the ring is the most likely to make it to the end and win the match.

While the objective is to throw your opponent over the top rope and out of the ring technically it only counts if both of their feet touch the ground. Tactics often involve finding a way to stay in the ring however possible. This year these WWE Superstars will certainly find plenty of ways of keeping both feet above the ground, staying in the match, even if they do have to cheat a little!

Becky Lynch (5.00)

Bcky Lynch


Billed from Dublin Ireland, Becky Lynch is a fiery redhead who won’t let anyone stand in the way of her victory. She’s got a fierce repertoire of moves in the ring including the stiff European uppercut and the exotic Japanese arm drag.

Known for her humble beginnings with team B.A.E (Best At Everything), Lynch quickly rose through the ranks and became the first ever SmackDown Women’s Champion at BackLash in 2016. Could she dominate the ring this Royal Rumble with her tough-street fighting style?

Asuka (6.50)

source: Facebook

WWE’s own foreign superstar straight from the Japanese pro circuit, Asuka wears a terrifying traditional noh mask on her entrance to the ring. Nicknamed the ‘Princess of tomorrow’ Asuka has toppled all of WWE’s female Superstars at least once.

With a perfectly ruthless style and an intimidating smile on her face she clearly enjoys toying with her opponents in the square circle. She’s gone from strength to strength since tying it in the big old USA, breaking records since day one.

Asuka made history by winning the first ever women’s Royal Rumble match in 2018. Could she do it again this year? She has had undefeated streaks’ before outlasting this and her power in the ring is arguably unmatched by any other female Superstar.

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