World Cup Semi-Final Games Pose a Headache for Betting Operators

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World Cup semi-final odds prove to be a challenging task for William Hill, as there are three big nations holding the same odds.

Gambling news reports that online betting firm William Hill has not been able to split the odds between the favorites going into the World Cup semi-finals. All three main teams have been dealt the same odds from the sportsbook. Argentina, Brazil and Germany claim the same coefficients of 3.5, while the Dutch are outsiders with 4.33 odds.

William Hill spokesperson, Joe Crilly, highlighted how unlikely it is to see three main favorites battle one another. “Never before have we ever had a World Cup that has had three favourites going into the semi finals – the closest we came was back in 2006. For the first time in a long time, it is easy to see any of the four remaining sides winning the tournament.”

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At the 2006 World Cup, Germany was the clear favorite at the time with odds of 2.62. France were right behind the host nation with 3.0 odds, while Italy were ranked third favorites with odds of 3.75. And lastly Portugal had odds of 7.0.

The mobile betting company keeps records of odds that were placed on teams from previous editions of the World Cup. In 1966, England played the host to the tournament and they were in fact ranked third with odds of 5.0. On the other hand West Germany was considered a favorite with 2.2 odds.

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