The Best Figure Skaters in World Figure Skating Championship 2021

  • The most prestigious championship passion in Scotland
  • Anna Shcherbakova, Rika Kihira, or Alexandra Trusova?
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World Figure Skating Championship odds
Image source – David W. Carmichael –, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

All music, dance, sport and winter lovers will enjoy one sport event which you can experience simultaneously. What kind of sport is this?  Of course, figure skating which is one open to winter sport lovers for betting on World Figure Skating Championship odds.

The most prestigious championship: World Figure Skating Championship

Let’s look at what kind of competition is this and who has been the winners of this amazing championship.  The first championship was 129 years ago with just four competitors in Russia. As with most of the sports, figure skating also started and viewed as male-sport. However, with some kind of changes, additions and struggles the first ladies’ competition was held in Switzerland, in 1906. If you want more detailed info about gender issues of figure skating, our other article will be a great source for you with valuable sources.

World Figure Skating Championship odds
Anna Shcerbakova – David W. Carmichael –, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

One of the interesting events related to the championship was in 1930, when the championship for the first time was held outside Europe. The sport event was in New York City and combined all three competitions into one event for the first time. There have been various changes in structure and rules of competition which we can observe all of sport events. Maybe you pay attention in early years of championship national teams could field multiple competitors in each discipline like six skaters or five skaters. However, in later years the number of participants per country was limited to a maximum of three per discipline.

Of course, not all athletes could participate in the championship. It has its own eligibility criteria such as representing a member nation of the International Skating Union, selecting by their federation, age, minimum technical score and others. Do your favorite athletes qualify for this year’s championship? Have you noticed her name in World Figure Skating Championship odds? It is great you can just click  1xBET Sportsbook and support your athlete.

 World Figure Skating Championship odds: Anna Shcherbakova or Rika Kihira?

Now, let’s look at the 2021 World Figure Skating Championships and athletes who could be successful. So, this year the championship will be in Stockholm in March. As always figure skaters will compete in men’s singles, ladies’ singles, pairs, and ice dance disciplines. Which country has more success in women figure skating championship? Actually, America with the leader in number of gold women medalist since 1906. However, last year we observed the success of Russian athletes and also last year Alina Zagitova Russian figure skater, won the gold medal. Do you think Russian figure skaters could be winner again? Have you already defined your athlete in World Figure Skating Championship odds? You can express your answer by entering  1xBET Sportsbook.

 Successful young figure skaters with a number of titles

World Figure Skating Championship odds
Bradie Tennell – David W. Carmichael –, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Who are figure skaters with more chances? Anna Shcherbakova, Rika Kihira, Alexandra Trusova, or Bradie Tennell? Anna Shcherbakova is a very talented and successful Russian figure skater. In spade of her young age she could write her name in number of firsts. She is the first senior lady to land a quad Lutz. Moreover, she became the first lady to land two quad Lutz jumps in a program, with one done in combination with a triple toe loop in 2019. She also can-do combinations very successfully such as the triple flip-Euler-triple Salchow combination in her programs.

What about the second capable candidate Rika Kihira? She is a Japanese figure skater who has following achievements: a two-time Four Continents champion, the 2018 Grand Prix Final champion, a four-time Grand Prix series medalist, a two-time International Challenge Cup champion, and a two-time Japanese national champion. What do you think Rika Kihira could be the gold medalist? Do you want to be a supporter of Rika Kihira in World Figure Skating Championship odds? The online sportsbooks in the EU can provide you with various best betting sites for realizing your betting. Moreover, here is an article that gives information about the best figure skaters in history. You can use all these opportunities for being one of successful bettors.

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