The Worst Premier League Goals in 2018/19

  • Pickford’s ridiculous error led to one of the worst Premier League goals in 2018/19
  • Meanwhile, David de Gea’s also tried to make us forget how great he is for a second
Worst Premier League goals in 2018/19

We’re always talking about the “great goals” in football. However, if there are great ones, there must be bad ones as well. It’s enough to think about Pickford’s or De Gea’s mistakes from this season to realize that. But there’s even more: we’ve collected the worst Premier League goals in 2018/19 for you.

We’re always talking about the amazing achievements of the football players: the “great goals”. However, if there are “great goals” there must be bad ones as well. Based on our latest review about 22BET Sportsbook we could tell that they’re reliable when it comes to English football. With their help, we’ve collected you the lowest of the low, the worst Premier League goals in 2018/19 so far.

Pereira gifted a goal to Burnley

Andreas Pereira had a big role in our first goal to happen. The midfielder is trying to make a name for himself in the Manchester United line up. However, his performance against Burnley at the Old Trafford was extremely poor. The cherry on the cake was his terrible mistake in front of his own box that led to a goal.

It’s all kicked in with Phil Jones’ “wonderful” pass. It requires utter blindness to get the ball to a teammate who’s clearly going to be attacked by at least two Burnley players. The visitors immediately closed the most obvious pass lines around Pereira. The Portugese panicked, started to dribble near his own net, which is the recipe of disaster. He lost the ball, Barnes scored. Though the United defence has improved a lot under Solskjaer, Jones and Pereira has made themselves a laughingstock again.

Alisson was unlucky against Man United

22BET Sportsbook – alongside most of the online sportsbook sites in the UK – predicted Liverpool’s win at Anfield against Manchester United. However, nobody’s seen Alisson’s mistake coming. The Brazilian has been arguably the best goalie in the league this season, until that unlucky moment put him in a different kind of spotlight.

He faced a quite easy cross from Lukaku, which he tried to catch. However, once he’s already got the ball for less than a second, he somehow kicked it out of his own hands with his knee. United’s false nine, Jesse Lingard immediately reacted, and equalized without hesitation.

De Gea’s mistake against Arsenal is probably the worst one of his career

Even the best goalkeepers make mistakes. However, it’s always surprising to see legends to suffer with the easiest balls, let alone making errors that lead to a goal. That’s why it was shocking to see 5 times PFA Goalkeeper of the Year David de Gea making that mistake against Arsenal. A header flew towards him from inside the box, but an easy one to handle. He tried to punch the ball above the crossbar, but he was further from the net than he thought he was and it dropped into the goal. Awkward.

I definitely wouldn’t go and bet at 22BET Sportsbook on De Gea to make a mistake like that in the near future. However, this error and the one against Portugal at the World Cup definitely gave people something to talk about. It’s such a shame that De Gea probably can’t hear the critiques right now. Must be busy with his Golden Glove award or counting his record amount of saves made in a single league game.

Kane’s goal against Cardiff is pure luck

It took a bit more than 2 minutes for Harry Kane to score against Cardiff in January. He’s a great footballer both inside and outside the box, with a great ability and vision. However, he’s also the master of lucky goals.

This time, he received the ball at the half-way line, and brought it up to the attacking third. Kane then gave the ball to the right-winger, and immediately sprinted into the opponent’s box. So far so good. The cross has found him, but he was surrounded by Cardiff players, so they could kick the ball away after his first touch. However, Sean Morrison hit Kane with that ball, which bounced back into the net. Unlucky goals like this keep Cardiff in the relegation zone.

Pickford decided the Merseyside derby in the very last minute with an awful mistake

Jordan Pickford was arguably the most loved person in England at the time of the World Cup with his historical saves. However, the goal he conceded against Liverpool has made him the most hated one near Goodison Park – at least for a few weeks. This is not only one of the worst Premier League goals in 2018/19. It’s every goalkeeper’s nightmare.

Even at the 96th minute of their match at Anfield the score was 0-0. Van Dijk tried with a desperate volley from the outside of the box at the very last moments, but it was a terrible shot. It was the easiest ball for a goalkeeper, either to catch or punch it above the net. Pickford did neither. He probably tried to catch it, but he’s only held the crossbar, which made him look like a huge blundering sloth. The ball bounced back on the pitch from the bar. It was the easiest header for Origi, he was a yard away from the open goal. How embarrassing!


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