WSL Women’s Championship Tour 2020 Betting Tips: The Battle of Australia vs US

  • Women’s World Surfing League starts 26 March
  • The best 17 female surfers will fight in 10 events
  • Australian surfers, Wright and Gilmore are the favorites
WSL Women’s Championship Tour 2020 betting tips
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In women’s surfing, we can find similar rules and conditions like in men’s race, just with fewer participants.  The best 17 female surfers will start their season next month as well, in the race in Australia. Surfers from Hawaii, the US and Australia are generally doing great and they are the biggest favorites again according to the WSL Women’s Championship Tour 2020 betting tips. 

In not many sports can it be said that female competitors have had equal pay with male athletes, but it is true in surfing since 2018.  This is quite understanbable as female surfers can do almost everything that their male partners. Their competition is also very similar to the men’s one,  with the title going to the person who has the most points in the 8 events out of the 10. Carissa Moore is the defending chamfion from Hawaii, but she announced her break from the world tour this year.  In her absence,  a former two-time world champion, Tyler Wright seems to be the biggest favorite to win the title. 

Australians are the favorites in the WSL Women’s Championships Tour 2020 betting tips

Online sportsbooks in the US are giving the most chance to Australian surfer Tyler Wright to win the championship with the odds of 4.00. She has already won several races at the age of only 14 and has been taking part in the world tour since 2011. Wright won the championship in 2016 and 2017. She caught influenza in 2018 and was suffering from its syptoms for almost a year after. But just like her brother, Owen, who had to recover from a brain injury himself, Tyler is back. She was taking part in her first race at the end of last year in Maui, where she has already finished in second place.

WSL Women’s Championship Tour 2020 betting tips
Are you ready for the surfing championship?

Probably her biggest rival is her compatriot, Stephanie Gilmore who finished fourth last season. Gilmore is one of the most experienced surfers in the field, with her seven world titles and 13 years of experience. She won her first title in her rookie year in 2007, becoming the first person to achieve such a huge result. She won her last, seventh one in 2018. But Gilmore is still in great form and stays one of the best surfers of all time. Her odds are also 4.00 to win the title at 1xBet Sportsbook.

The American favorites

Certainly, online gambling sites in the US are also hoping for the success of their own athletes, American Caroline Marks and Lakey Peterson. Both have 5.50 odds in the WSL Women’s Championship Tour 2020 betting tips. Marks finished second in the last season, after winning two events at the age of only 17. She started to race even earlier, as in 2017 she was already taking part in the Qualifying Series and had her debut year in the World Tour in 2018. She is definitely one of the biggest talents of the future, who has already shown her strengths.

Peterson has been in the sport from a young age as well. She learned surfing at the age of 5 but left it for a while to do other sports, like tennis. She came back to surfing at the age of 12 and won the rookie of the year award in 2012.  Since then she was getting better and closer to the title every year, even though she hasn’t won it yet. Surely she will be motivated to finally become world No1 this season.

See more about these odds here at 1xBet Sportsbook.

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