You Can Win The Lottery And Live Large But Love Is Priceless

  • Ex-Wife Agrees To Remarry Profligate Lottery Winner
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  • Drink, Drugs And Prostitutes Were Michael’s Downfall
Win The Lottery

We none of us are sure what we’ll do when we win the lottery. Each of us might well have a very sensible plan for our winnings as we log into Lotto Agent, but come the actual moment? Anything might happen. We could completely lose our heads. Michael Carroll certainly did. He won one of the best lottery jackpots and proceeded to fritter it all away. However his fast living cost him dearly, and it is only now, twenty years later, he’s regained the biggest loss of all. 

We all want to win the lottery, and all have dreams of what we might do with that wealth. In our dreams, we win massive amounts and live happily ever after. The money takes care of all our needs, all our desires. We live carefree forever. Each of us somberly reflects on those we might help, the future we’d invest in, and, of course, our impending, very comfortable, retirement. Of course we might just forget all that in the excitement of suddenly becoming millionaires, right?

Right. This is especially true if you happen to be 19 at the time. Give a 19-year-old millions and the results are a foregone conclusion. Sensible investments? Of course not. A plan for their future? Don’t be silly. A wild ride of expensive hedonism and fast living? You betcha. Lotto Agent can help you find the best lottery to play. It can even help you win, but it can’t teach how to handle it if you do. Michael Carroll is perhaps the quintessential example of how not to do it.  

Bin Man Has Fun Tabs Don’t Approve Of

Michael won £9.7m from a £1 ticket in 2002 whilst working as a bin man. The tabloid press found him fascinating. He celebrated winning with gusto and was soon knee deep in coverage. Michael attended sex parties, went on lavish holidays, bought sports cars and generally had fun. The tabloid press disapprove of fun, especially if it involves sex, drink, and drugs. Tabloid journalists believe if you win the lottery you should instantly behave like a nun, apparently.

“I don’t look back with any regrets, that’s for sure.”

  • Michael Carroll – Lottery Winner

Journalists being hypocritical pearl-necklace-clutchers waving their faux-outrage around as if it were clever isn’t news. As you can imagine they instantly dubbed Michael Carroll a “Lotto Lout” for having fun. The sort of fun any of us might indulge in were we to win the lottery. At least for a little while. However having won one of the best progressive jackpot lotteries in the UK, he ended up a loser. Partly because he frittered it all away in a decade flat, but mostly because of the divorce.

Win The Lottery

Lotto Agent Has All You Need To Win The Lottery

Michael’s wife, Sandra Aiken, left him. She said he had been sleeping with prostitutes, something he doesn’t really deny. Indeed, it says much about Michael that he once claimed to have slept with 4,000 women. Well. That and the ASBO, and the 9 month jail sentence for Affray. They say a fair bit too. So, apparently, you can win the lottery and still not quite have that happily ever after. Or can you? Recent events in Northern Ireland may well prove you can. 

“It didn’t go wrong – It was the best 10 years of my life for £1.”

  • Michael Carroll – Lottery Winner 

Michael wasted it all. By 2013 he was back on Unemployment Benefit. The tabloids, naturally, took a perverse delight in his plight. They noted with glee his various new jobs. At an abattoir, a biscuit factory, down a coal mine. However, even the best lotto jackpot reviews have to move on eventually. Michael’s fame wore away. Living quietly in Belfast he managed to get back the most valuable thing he lost. Michael and the exceedingly forgiving Sandra remarried recently.    

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We take a look at how it is quite possible to win the lottery and still not find the happily ever after you’re chasing, but sometimes it happens anyway.

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