You Should Play The Lottery Online If The Trees Tell You To

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Play The Lottery Online
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You may think becoming a winning lottery ticket is a rather good fate. Trees tend to disagree.  The trees would prefer you play the lottery online at the click of a mouse at sites like Lotto Agent. It involves far less paper. However, they are not so churlish as to ignore folklore and tradition simply because they’re unhappy. Perhaps that’s why two Japanese expats won after consulting with the Thai tree spirits. Not, of course, that it was the best lottery jackpot ever.

Folklore never ceases to surprise. Just when you’ve heard it all, there’s more, and it’s even more odd. In this case, oddly specific. Thailand has a traditional spirit, typically embodied in a particular type of tree, which gives out winning lottery numbers. Yes, you read that right. Bet that’s interesting news to those of you who play the lottery online, right? Whilst most folklore tends toward the fantastical, this is just fantastic. Better yet, some Japanese guys tried it and won.

Yes. I know. The internet is full of bizarre stories like this and often they’re wholly untrue. This one, however, is real. A couple of Japanese expats in Thailand, one of them a minor celebrity, really won the lottery…..after consulting a tree. Does this mean you too should whip out and talk to the trees before trying to play the lottery online? Will your leafy companions help you win progressive jackpot lotteries until you’re rich beyond the dreams of avarice? Well, possibly.      

Japanese Expats In Thailand Win The Lottery

You will, if you’ll consult a tree before you play the lottery online, naturally need the right sort of tree. Thai folklore holds that Nang Ta-khian lives in Takian trees. A sacred spirit known to protect travelers and the pregnant, she also doles out winning lottery numbers. Apparently. Yes, it does sound a little out of place alongside the mystical power to heal, doesn’t it? Still, it is no stranger than small men in green with a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, right? No, I thought not.

“Everybody, I’m a very lucky man. I’m blessed enough to stay in Thailand, but now I won a lottery here as well!”

  • Isaka Tomoya – Lottery Winner 

Material gain and good fortune are universal principles. We, each and every one of us, hope for them, and call upon any help we can get in pursuit of them. So this this really as weird as it might first appear? Even animism, the belief there are spirits in the natural world around us, isn’t particularly unique. Just superstition in another guise. Perhaps trees really can tell you to play the lottery online and say which is the best lottery to play. Isaka Tomoya seems to prove it’s true.

Play The Lottery Online
Welcome to the heyday of online lottery

Lotto Agent Allows You To Play The Lottery Online

Typically Thais visit Takian trees in sacred spaces. Isaka Tomoya decided to do so in a shopping mall. Partly because as a Japanese Expat the mall is a quasi-religious place, but mostly because that’s where he was. Still in this cathedral to consumerism, the tale of Nang Ta-Khian tickled our minor internet celebrity. So, he proceeded to the nearest Takian tree to try it out. You may want to do the same if you’re going to play the lottery online at Lotto Agent. It worked for him. Kinda.

Playing the lottery online is far easier than rushing around finding a vendor but a mall has everything. A little magic powder and rubbing on a random tree and then off to buy tickets. They won. Admittedly, they only won around US$66 but a win is a win. Yes, hardly earth shattering, but the principle is sound. So, whilst even the best lotto jackpot reviews will give you insight, you might want to find out where your nearest Takian tree is. Nang Ta-Khian knows her stuff.

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We take a look at why before you play the lottery online you might wish to consult with a Takian Tree.

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