Stunning $35 in Prizes at CyberBingo

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CyberBingo is more than generous with their forthcoming spectacular bingo event, planned just to sweeten your Friday.

The unbelievable 35 for Five bingo game brings the best low cost B90 bingo with guaranteed cash prizes adding up $35.00 and only for $0.05 a ticket. The time is just right to purchase your lucky ticket and win. On Friday April 17th CyberBingo is the best place to be.

CyberBingo has an amazing reputation and a history of generousness. They are committed to your entertainment and excitement, that’s why they offer you this fabulous opportunity. Don`t forget to join the bingo fun at their Candy Frenzy Bingo 90 room from 5:00PM EDT. Boost your chances for the $35 in prizes by using their Buy 6 Get 3 Free tickets offer.

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