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The last days of spring are quite full of various sports competitions, including basketball games in various leagues. Follow the best basketball betting odds this week to enjoy earning from sports at the end of May. ... read more

Retiring your number in the team franchise is a matter of great honor to the athletes. When the franchise agrees that the athlete has contributed to the team greatly, they show respect to the player by retiring their jersey. Any other future player will not be able to be wear that number by  unless the retired athlete agrees to it. It takes a lot of success and determination from the athlete to get recognition to get their jerseys retired. Or does it? Here are some examples of the worst retired numbers in the history of the US leagues. ... read more

You can still bet on basketball this week following games of the Chinese Taipei Super Basketball League. Matches in the first tier men’s basketball league in Taiwan are held a few times per week, so there is a chance to watch competitions at the end of April-beginning of May. ... read more