Best Basketball Betting Odds This Week

  • What basketball games are scheduled for May 26-31?
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basketball betting odds this week

The last days of spring are quite full of various sports competitions, including basketball games in various leagues. Follow the best basketball betting odds this week to enjoy earning from sports at the end of May.

Some sports competitions are back after a long break. Thus, you can already make Euro 2020 predictions for next summer or follow Bundesliga matches in Germany. The Premier League and Serie A are also coming soon. If you are not a football fan though, here are some alternatives like basketball to watch. Basketball games are on again across the globe, in particular, in Belarus and Taiwan. We have chosen the best events to follow from the list of ongoing competitions. So, what are the best basketball betting odds this week to use?

Follow Taiwan Championship among women

The Taiwan basketball championship is one of the best sports events to watch at the end of spring. We already know the winner of its male counterpart SBL; it is Taiwan Beer that beat Yulon Luxgen Dinos in April. Therefore, it is time now to figure out the strongest basketball team among females.

Online sportsbooks in Taiwan give predictions for the next game so far, as betting odds are updated daily. On  May 27, two teams will compete against each other. Follow the Cathay Life vs Chunghwa Telecom game with equal odds on both teams to win. With two strong rivals, the match has to be interesting! The other basketball game to watch on Wednesday is Taiyuan vs Taiwan Power that takes place 2 hours later. The situation here is more predictable as Taiyuan is expected to win with 1.06 odds against 7.50 odds for their competitors.

basketball betting odds this week
Here are our odds that can help you to start betting on basketball and win. Check up on the 1xbet Sportsbook every day to follow up on the upcoming games.


Basketball betting odds this week are on Belarus

Belarus remains the most sportive country in the world so far. Besides the local Premier League that has been going on the whole spring, and upcoming volleyball games, basketball competitions are also back in Eastern Europe. There are Pro Series matches taking place in Belarus almost every day. On May 26, you could follow four teams competing with each other: Chameleon vs Leningrad, Bisoni vs Zubry, Zubry vs Chameleon, and Bisoni vs Leningrad. To stay tuned to the upcoming games this week, follow the 1xBet sportsbook.

Turkmenistan Championship is also worth watching

The last big basketball competition at the end of May is the Turkmenistan Championship. Games within this tournament usually took place on weekends, but the last game was held on May 26 (Wednesday). Due to constant changes in the schedule, it is impossible to provide a full list of upcoming games, so visit 1xBet Sportsbook from time to time to see the next basketball betting odds this week.

Gyrat vs Gara Altyn and Talyp Sport vs Gurlushikchi are among the last matches of the Turkmenistan Championship. If you are familiar with these teams, you know how tense the local basketball can be. For instance, Gara Altyn beat its rivals with the 91-65 score, while Gurlushikchi lost to Talyp – 48-62.

To follow the upcoming games of the Taiwan Championship, check the 1xBet sportsbook daily

You can discover more about these exciting basketball betting odds here at the 1xBet Sportsbook site.

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