Would You Bet on the Defending BIG3 Champion While Others Improve?

Unlike any other league, the winner of BIG3 Championship is not allowed to transfer. They have to defend their champion title as a team. What about their BIG3 Championship winner odds?

Trilogy BIG3 Champions
Will Trilogy be capable of defending their title?

Every team gets a chance to move on and improve their rosters, except the BIG3 Championship winner. This year’s defending champion is Trilogy. We’ll see if the betting odds favor them in 2018.

Created by Ice Cube and Jeff Kwatinetz one year ago, the BIG3 Championship is a brand new 3-on-3 basketball competition played on half court. Mostly, it features retired NBA players who are drafted into 8 teams.

According to online sportsbook news, the 10-week long championship will start on June 22 with the Championship Game ending on August 24. Trilogy is the first title winner of BIG3 Championship in 2017. How are their betting odds this year when compared to others?

Defending Champion Stays the Same

Despite winning the 2017 BIG3 Championship, US gambling sites do not estimate great odds for Trilogy at 5.50. It’s true that they are undefeated last season. Moreover, Rick Mahorn was awarded Coach of the Year while James White became Defensive Player of the Year. They are both from Trilogy.

However, the rule clearly states that the BIG3 Championship winner must compete with the same roster. All other players are piled into a draft pool along with new talents. Perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise; perhaps it’s a curse. Trilogy can be confident about their existing teamwork, but other teams have the potential to bring in exceptional players.

Which Players Do Other Teams Have?

Internet sportsbook sites in US name Company (5.00) as the favorite to win BIG3 Championship 2018. Who do they have? Two top players: Former NBA All-Star Baron Davis and NBA Star Drew Gooden. Company’s newly found advantage is in Davis’ play style, which is highly suited to 3-on-3 basketball games!

The 2018 BIG3 Championship odds for the Headed Monsters are at 5.50. They are runner-up to Trilogy last year in a neck-to-neck final round. Their roster stays mostly the same with MVP Rashard Lewis as well as Kwame Brown and Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf. In addition, the Headed Monsters recruited a new co-captain, Reggie Evans.

We have to note that Tristate (8.50) changed their players almost completely. It’s uncertain how their games will play out. Meanwhile, Ball hogs (7.00) obtained some of the league’s best players in 2017 namely DeShawn Stevenson and Andre Owens.

Trilogy’s View on the Opponents

The Co-Captain Rashad McCants from Trilogy said “We are at a disadvantage because we have kind of been exposed to what we have and what we’re capable of. They know who we are […] so it’s going to be a lot more difficult this year than it was last year.”

On the other hand, McCants commented on the ‘winners stay rule’ that it gives his team motivation to become BIG3 Championship winner. They would get picked up straight away. Not to mention that the gimmick also makes room for immense bragging rights!

Bet on the BIG3 Championship Winner in 2018!

The bookies’ favorite to win BIG3 Championship 2018 is Company (5.00). The defending champion Trilogy (5.50) has the same betting odds as Headed Monsters (5.50). Visit 1xBet Sportsbook now to place your wagers. If you hurry up, you may be able to snatch some online sportsbook promotions too!

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