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Vintage Cheating at Tour de France – Before Doping

Vintage Cheating at Tour de France – Before Doping

Peter K. January 9, 2020 16:32:55

While Tour de France refers to Dope de France for many reasons, vintage cheating at Tour de France was a lot more entertaining than today's doping scandals. Wacky Races is not even close to what these guys did during the beginning of Tour de France. While you are watching your favorite bikers through online sportsbook sites in the US from the comfort of your home, you would never think how dark is the history of this game. The doping situation was a lot funnier. Riders could legally use red wine or champagne mixed with coffee. Taking part in watching the race of real life was a lot funnier as well since spectators were pushing their favorites up on hills and also beating up the ones they didn't like that much.