SPOILER ALERT: Bet on Game of Thrones S07E03!

Written by Bence on 2017-07-26 at 09:48
Game of Thrones Betting Bet on Game of Thrones at Betsupremacy Sporsbook! (Photo: RESPECT Mag)
Make sure not to read this article if you haven’t seen the second episode of the 7th season so far. But if you did see the latest episode, then maybe it’s time to bet on Game of Thrones S07E03!
What will happen in the next episode of Game of Thones?
  • Bet on Jon Snow meeting Daenerys: 1.25
  • Odds for The Wall to fall: 3.00
  • Bet on Litlefinger to marry Sansa: 12.00
  • The Targaryen Army takes King’s Landing odds: 16.00

Are you watching the Game of Thrones? Are you a big fan of the series? Would you be interested in placing a bet on TV shows? Are you excited to talk to your friends about what’s going to happen next? Now thanks to Betsupremacy Sportsbook, you can not only talk about the events, but you also have the chance to bet on Game of Thrones S07E03!

Bet on next GoT episode at one of the most popular online sportsbook sites in the US and make money betting on television series! Let us help you in where to find the best GoT betting odds in the US and what the best Game of Thrones betting sites are. Take a look at the list of our collected odds and bet on Game of Thrones S07E03!

Will anyone die in Game of Thrones S07E03?

Bet on Game of Thrones S07E03!
  • Death of Cersei odds: 101.00
  • Bet on Littlefinger to die: 51.00
  • Bet on Arya to die: 10.00
  • Odds on Greyworm to die: 5.00
Game of Thrones is the kind of series in which you should not get attached to any of the characters, because doing so will make you incredibly disappointed when they suffer an incredibly painful death. However, there are quite a lot of characters who can be loved by GoT fans and the future of those characters is, well, not too bright...

Who will die next in Game of Thrones? Will anyone die in the next episode? Bet on Game of Thrones S07E03 to make money thanks to your Game of thrones betting predictions. There are many interesting theories and you can bet on several events ahead of the next episode. Place your bets, and don’t be afraid to read more about Betsupremacy Sportsbook either, because it’s among the best ones in the online sportsbook directory.
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