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It is not quite simple to follow gambling news changing in the US, as they vary state by state. The gambling world expects several American gambling law changes in 2021 for their favour. Although the progress in different states showed major differences over the last decade, as from last year, experts are getting more hopeful. This article offers a quick guide on what is worth knowing in relation to gambling laws in the US, and what we can expect in the near future. 

The Ceremony of the 78th Golden Globe Awards is taking place on the last day of February. The year 2020 was successful in creating an outstanding selection of drama series. We take a look at the season’s most appreciated productions and likelihood to win the TV drama category. The nominees include The Crown, Ozark, Rached, Lovecraft Country and Mandalorian. All of them are binge-worthy, so why not take a dive before you bet on the best TV drama series in 2021. 

Simplicity and high payouts are some of the main reasons why slot machines became popular. We take a quick look at how slots appeared and evolved over time in the US, the most favoured game in the casino world. Find out how technological developments contributed to the excitement when playing slots. 

The continent of Europe can be unified in various regards, however, gambling legislations differ amongst the countries of the region. Europen countries with the most flexible gamblings laws refer to a safe and regulated land-based and online gambling market, allowing the mechanisms of the free market and competition between services. This article examines the current state of some of the most progressive countries in Europe. 

Knowing basic gambling strategies to follow can actually help you a lot in winning more money. Surely, all games at online casinos in the US rely on chance. For some games, the extent is just wider than for others.

Risk management in sports betting is an important issue to know for those who want to make better gambling choices. The good news is - online casinos in the US make it all easier today.

Nowadays, the rules of both land-based and online casinos necessarily limit the age of visitors. In some institutions it is eighteen years old, in some it is twenty-one. However, since many casinos have moved to the Internet, the opinion has spread among players that this condition can not be adhered to and calmly violated. Sometimes the player's age just cannot be controlled through a computer monitor. Nevertheless, online casino rules strictly prohibit minors from visiting their sites. In this article, we will try to figure out why gambling has an age limit.

Do you know what gambling teaches you about finance? What is the relation between finance and gambling you might think. But there are different lessons you can learn through gambling at online casinos in the US. 

One of the main questions that most gamblers find themselves thinking about - is gambling fair? For those who never gambled at online casinos in the US before, online gambling might seem like the cheating platform only. But that only seems so until they actually get familiar with online casinos closer.