15-year-old Hockey Player Sang the National Anthem Before His Match

Hungarian hockey player Lazlo Horvath singing national anthem

Public address system was broke, so László Horváth, a 15-year-old Hockey player sang the National Anthem of Hungary before their game.

Hungary was due to play in a U-16 hockey tournament in Kamloops, Canada. However, the sound system of the venue broke before the national anthems would played. It was no problem for the North Americans, since the Canadian crowd sang the Star Spangled Banner for the American side, but the public address system still wasn’t fixed when it was the visitor’s turn.

So, 15-year-old player László Horváth grabbed the mike and sang Himnusz, the Hungarian national anthem in front of a crowd of roughly 1,000 people. The crowd exploded after his performance, and after the video had gone viral – not just amongst those, who bet on sports in Hungary – he became a national hero back in his homeland.

He basically hit every note of this difficult piece of Ferenc Erkel (lyrics by Ferenc Kölcsey), which is not a common thing for Hungarians. He later revealed that he had learn music and sung in the school choir. After this moment full of goosebumps, the Hungarians duly won their game and later the whole tournament, making it a Cinderella story for Hungarian hockey in the home of the sport.

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