175000 Emails Leaked as World Poker Tour Website Got Hacked


Posted: January 6, 2014

Updated: January 6, 2014

175,000 emails and passwords were exposed online last week, as World Poker Tour Amateur Poker League website was hacked. Ironically, almost 47,000 of the leaked passwords had a “default reset” character

Naturally, the users of the website were advised to change their personal details, so that future incidents will be avoided.

The hacker’s motive is still unidentified. The only information that is provided is that his/her’s Twitter user account name is @smitt3nz and there was a comment “When will people learn?” accompanying the leak of the hacked information on a website frequent by hacker trolls.

Interesting facts surround the hack

Another related tweet by the hacker, covered by US gambling news said: “Happy New Year to all y0 cr4ck3r5 and h4ck3r5 (46,901 have the same password:sdf7asdf6asdg8df **Default reset password?**)”

The target of the cyber attack is unexpected as WPTAPL website does not operate real money US poker rooms, but rather serve as an information center that coordinates leisure poker players in freeroll live tournaments in North America and the UK.

Moreover, a handful of the published mails hint for government, even military interest in the website games. The examples come from the Whitehouse, IRS, Wichita city, various US courts, the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Department of Justice, NASA, etc.

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