20 Horse Racing Bet Types To Use At Sportsbooks

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horse racing bet types

There are many horse racing bet types to use while wagering on this popular sport. Punters have a wide choice of ways of placing their bets: from singles and multiples to “lucky 15” and even more. Read the description and learn what type fits your budget the most.

Horse racing is one of the most popular sports to bet in Britain. Most online sportsbooks in the UK offer daily local & international competitions to follow. Odds of different types come along, but how to know what to bet on? Read about all horse racing bet types that exist to see what betting method fits your goals.

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horse racing bet types
Which one do you prefer?

All horse racing bet types that exist

Single bet

Singles are the most popular and simple type of betting in any sport competition. It is a straight bet on a particular competition and on one favorite. Single bets are the most common ones as punters simply wager on the winner and take their money if they hit the mark.

Double bet

A double bet is the single bet punters do on two outcomes in different events. To bring a profit, both bets have to be correct. Bet365 Sportsbook offers double bets on horse racing too – multiply your profit! It is one of the most popular horse racing bet types.

Treble bet

Like double bets, triple follow the same principles but with one distinctive feature – there are not two but three selections. To win money on a triple bet, punters have to guess all three outcomes in three different events.


Multiple selections are called an accumulator in sports betting. Punters have to wager on at least four correct outcomes to win money. Like doubles and trebles, an accumulator means betting on different events. If you bet on 4, you will use a fourfold bet.

Trixie bet

One of the horse racing bet types, Trixie, includes a bet consisting of 3 selections and 4 bets – three doubles and one treble. If at least two selections are correct, punters can claim their winning money. 

Patent bet

A patent bet includes 3 selections and 7 bets, i.e. one treble, and three singles and doubles. 

Some online gambling sites in the UK offer such kind of betting on horses, but usually, it can be seen during real-life wagering.

Yankee bet

Yankee is an advanced bet of 4 selections and 11 bets – a fourfold, four treble bets, and six double bets. Although there seems to be too much betting, only two correct selections are enough to win.

Lucky 15

Lucky 15 is one of the favorite horse racing bet types among fans. Here they have to choose 4 selections and 15 bets. They consist of four singles, six doubles, a fourfold, and four treble bets. Punters love Lucky 15 as only one correct bet can be winning.

Super Yankee bet

Super Yankee (sometimes called a Canadian bet) is an advanced wagering option that consists of five selections and twenty-six bets. They are: 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 fourfolds, and one five-fold accumulator.

Lucky 31

Five selections and thirty-one bets form Lucky 31 – another pick among popular horse racing bet types. It must include the following: 5 single bets, and 10 double bets, ten trebles, five fourfolds, and fivefold. One correct choice is enough for winning.

Heinz bet

Six selections along with 57 bets are called Heinz, which is a reference to the popular same-name company. The Heinz bet consists of 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 fourfolds, 6 five-folds, and a sixfold accumulator.

Lucky 63

A super bet Lucky 63 features 6 selections and – you will never guess – 63 bets. They are the following:  6 singles, 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 fourfolds, 6 five-folds, and one sixfold. Such a big bet should have been included in the weirdest horse racing facts list.

Super Heinz bet

Super Heinz is an advanced bet with two winning outcomes and consisting of seven selections & 120(!) bets. They include 21 doubles, 35 trebles, 35 four-folds, 21 five-folds, 7 six-folds, and a sevenfold accumulator.

horse racing bet types
Let’s race!

Goliath bet

Do you want more horse racing bet types? What about 247-bet Goliath? Punters have to choose 8 selections and 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 fourfolds, 56 five-folds, 28 six-folds, eight seven-folds, plus an eightfold accumulator to win. Fortunately, guessing 2 of them is enough.

Alphabet bet

2 Patent bets, a Yankee bet, and a sixfold accumulator form a so-called Alphabet bet. Check Bet365 Sportsbook to try it if horse bettings offer the one in current races.

Round Robin

A bet named Round Robin is somewhat popular among punters. It includes 3 selections and 3 doubles, one treble and three up-and-down single bets about pairs. The latter means a two-selection bet, where one should win to make the original bet to be placed as an additional single bet on the 2nd selection.

Flag bet

A Flag bet is a wager consisting of 6 doubles, 4 trebles, a fourfold, and 6 up-and-down pairs. Moreover, it has three variations: Super Flag, Super Heinz Flag, and Goliath Flag.

Union Jack

When speaking about horse racing bet types, Union Jack stands out. It is an 8-treble and 9-selection bet, where groupings are formed in a 3×3 grid at a sportsbook.

Forecast bet

One of the simplest bets in horse racing is Forecast. Unlike others, it means a direct prediction of a winner and a runner-up in a particular race. This type of betting can be found at sportsbooks like Bet365 Sportsbook. There is also a Reverse Forecast bet, where punters have to pick two horses coming first, but in no particular order.

Jackpot bet

The most difficult bet in horse racing is here. A Jackpot bet means predicting at least 6 horses finishing first in a certain order and the pool is yours!

If you are a bit confused, look through 30 basic sports betting terms, and memorize them.

You can discover more about Bet365 Sportsbook here.

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