Top-5 Weirdest Horse Racing Facts

  • How did horse racing become so popular in Britain?
  • Why is it called “a sport for Royal members”?
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weirdest horse racing facts

If you find horse racing a boring and non-interactive kind of sport, think twice. You better read these 5 weirdest horse racing facts that will change your mind as they carry information you could never think about. Are you ready to see one of the most popular British sports from a new unexpected side?

There are many people considering horse racing as a boring sport to follow. However, its history and backstage are full of surprises even fans often do not know about. As horse racing is the second-most popular sport in Britain after football, most of the facts are predictably bound to this country. So, check online sportsbooks in the UK as soon as you learn what is so special about local horse racing.

It is a multi-billion pound industry in the UK

The most interesting facts about sports usually touch upon money and horse racing is not an exception. Did you know that horses are a multi-billion pound brand in the United Kingdom with the second-highest income? Well, it is true.

weirdest horse racing facts
It has money in it.

As the top sport in the UK after football, horse racing annually brings lots of money to the country’s treasury. In 2006, economic studies confirmed that it boosted the British economy with 2.8 billion pounds and this sum keeps increasing. By 2020, horse racing has generated almost 4 billion pounds for the economy of the country thanks to big tournaments that attract people across the globe.

Horse racing is not a British sport

Let’s keep on discovering weirdest horse racing facts. Although horse racing has entered the top-3 of the most popular sports in the UK, it emerged in the other place. Originally, the prototype of horse racing as we know it appeared in Central Asia a long time ago. Historians suppose that the first horse tournaments were held there around 4000BC, while it came to Britain in 200AD.

All in all, it was Great Britain to make horse racing so popular worldwide. In the country, it usually follows football as the most popular sport. It also occupies a special niche at all online gambling sites in the UK as betting on horses is profitable. 

Weirdest horse racing facts: it is a sport for Royals

Horse racing is a sport for Kings. You might probably have noticed that Queen Elizabeth II and other members of the Royal Family are loyal to horse racing. Her Majesty even bought a horse in her first years of reign and regularly attended competitions. Why is it so popular among British kings & queens?  

The answer lies in the country’s past. In 1605, King James I became extremely interested in horse racing and accidentally promoted its popularity. Since then, this sport has never been out of the attention of the British Royals with very few exceptions. 

weirdest horse racing facts
This is weird too.

Not all types of racing are equally successful

There are plenty of horse racing types you can find in various tournaments in the UK. However, not all of them are equally popular among viewers. It was revealed that flat racing attracts the most viewers, while quarter horse racing is the least successful. Check all types of horse racing to choose your favorite one regardless of its popularity among others – stand out from a crowd!

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It was banned once (and can be outlawed again)

One of the weirdest horse racing facts touches upon its legitimacy. This popular sport was once outlawed for a long time – not in Britain but in the US. During the Civil War, the government took almost all horses from breeders to participate in battles. It damaged the industry a lot as there were no horses to arrange races.

Interestingly, there is a chance for horse racing to be forbidden again. In the 21st century, using animals for a profit becomes out-of-date, which has already served as a reason for circuses to use holograms instead of real animals. Probably, it will touch upon horse racing one day, so hurry up to get familiar with this interesting sport. Find best bets on horses at Bet365 Sportsbook.

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