2011 eGR Awards Honour Mobile Gaming in London

2011 eGR award goes to popular British mobile casino gaming site mFortune mobile casino

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United Kingdom gambling news is hot with the report that the winner of the 2011 eGR Rising Star award has been announced as mobile gaming site, mFortune Mobile Casino.

The eGR Rising Star award is reportedly one of the highest awards that can be offered in the internet gaming industry, and with the rise of mobile casinos, it should come as no surprise that this years winner was inevitably a mobile casino itself.

mFortune is one of the many mobile casinos in United Kingdom, and their bingo and casino platforms are considered by many to be the best in the world. mFortune mobile casino is available on practically every platform too, further enhancing their claim to fame.

The prestigious award, which is offered every year to the best companies producing top quality, popular and high standing gaming, is a major leap for the blossoming mobile gaming company. As well as managing to stay within the boundaries of the ever restricting British gambling laws, mFortune is currently the top mobile casino in the UK.

They manage to offer up to GBP13,000,000 a month in prizes and payouts, and offer twelve games to gamblers. The company is also the first to release a multi-player Texas Hold ‘Em game, in a time when most mobile casinos are still fiddling around with single player games.

The award also comes after the success of the companies games. Twelve innovative and first-class games are not only available on almost any mobile phone, but also come in stunning 3D graphics, which a lot of online poker sites are only now, just beginning to incorporate into their design.

The marketing manager for mFortune, James Goode is reportedly quoted as saying that 2011’s award is superb achievement, and that it is deserved considering the quality of the company, and the level of success achieved in such a short space of time.

For now, mFortune can revel in this achievement, though they’ll be no doubt back to work immediately, as this award will teach them, with mobile casino gambling as popular as it is at the moment, anybody could come out of nowhere and pip them to it next year, with their own mobile casino platform.

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