Illegal Mafia Casinos in Philipines Defy the Police

Why enter an illegal mafia-connected casino in the Philippines when you can play legitimately online?

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With most gambling activities illegal under Philippine gambling laws, the local people need to visit many underground facilities to play. Another option is to make a bet on the street corner, or in a dark alley, with a underground betting runner, often wearing a hood to cover the face.

These illicit casinos are called, as reported by Filipino gambling news, the frontons. While local authorities expressly prohibited these, the mafia-connected outfits often openly defy the laws.

Some more dangerous gambling gangs even dare to open the frontons near police stations. Many criminals are better equipped than the local cops when it comes to the firearms. In order to avoid direct confrontation and prevent special forces action, some illicit casino establishments started calling themselves mobile phone reloading stations. This, at a sufficient degree, satisfies the police by saving them a ”face.”

Some cities are so infested with these outlets that it becomes impossible to find a place to reload a phone without a requirement to place a bet. At the same time, many Filipinos flock to places like Digos City that became gambling heavens.

The less connected places are closed. However, in their places, grow other betting outfits ran by strong local mobs. Occasionally, a gambler may win big, to spread the good news. But, many illicit bets are fixed with no chance of winning real money.

Many Filipinos looking to gamble for a legitimate chance to win big at a casino, have been flocking to mobile casino gambling sites that are readily accessible form the country. With clear rules and the proliferation of online bonuses, these seem to be more attractive places to gamble or to bet on sports.

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