The 2018 Kingston Town Classic Odds Are Out Of This World

With a million dollars up for grabs the field is gathering for the signature race in Perth and the bookies like Bet365, one of the best online betting sites in Australia right now, are still hedging their bets. Both Arcadia Queen and Galaxy Star attract a very tempting 5/2 in the 2018 Kingston Town Classic odds, Trap For Fools is hard on their heels at just 9/2 and Fifty Stars isn’t far off on 13/2 so just which of these steeds should you back come the big race over 1800m? Let’s see.

2018 Kingston Town Classic odds

We’ll skip the jokes about how both Arcadia Queen and Galaxy Star sound like futuristic intergalactic cruise ships attempting to beat the record set by the Millennium Falcon and make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs. They’d only be funny to Star Wars fans anyway. For everyone else the amusement is to be gleaned not from cunning pop culture references but from the tempting 2018 Kingston Town Classic odds this pair get from the bookies like Bet365.

By now, with barely a week to go till the December 6th race, you’d have thought one would have pulled slightly ahead in the estimations of the bookies and the 2018 Kingston Town Classic odds but apparently not. This means if you’re taking advantage of Australian gambling laws to plonk something on the nose you should probably bear in mind Arcadia Queen has won both its two outings over a mile and Galaxy Star hasn’t won any of its three appearances at any distance.

Is Fifty Stars A Good Wager At 13/2? You Bet It Is

Perhaps the bookies like Bet365 know something we don’t. It would explain their 2018 Kingston Town Classic odds having these two shoulder to shoulder at the top of the field. However Trap For Fools won its last race over 10 furlongs and looks to be hitting its stride again just in time for the big race and getting a very fair 9/2 which keeps it just ahead of the Fifty Stars at a nice 13/2. Fifty Stars has won 6 of its last 8 races over increasing distances and at that price is worth a punt.

Material Man gets 8/1 although that’s far more tempting as an each-way wager given it only came third over 1600m last time out, having won four in a row over much shorter distances. The same could be said of Gatting, which got a win at 1400m but only a 2nd place at 1600m. In the 2018 Kingston Town Classic odds it garners 12/1, a price that could only ever tempt someone who likes to bet on sports in Australia to an each-way wager, to win is asking a little too much.

2018 Kingston Town Classic Odds Available At Bet365 Now

Naturally if you’re the sort of optimist for whom asking too much comes naturally Bet365 will give you 14/1 on Scales Of Justice and 16/1 on Perfect Jewel, Achernar Star and Peaceful State none of which could do more than place even if they had Han Solo at the reins. After that there’s a whole gaggle of 25/1 shots available in the 2018 Kingston Town Classic odds, although just which of them will be there come the start is anyone’s guess with the going still unconfirmed.

However if the 2018 Kingston Town Classic odds on the favorites don’t float your boat Holy Snow, True Attraction, Comin Through, Aloisia, Prized Icon, Tradesman, Iconoclasm, Its Somewhat, Tally and Man Booker all sit at that 25/1 price at bookies like Bet365. Anyone in Australia gambling news on the Monday will be of a surprise win from the back of the pack might fancy any one of them, but you’d need to be a Jedi to know just which of them to choose.

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