Are The Odds On Leclerc Winning The 2019 F1 WDC A Guess?

Formula One signed off in style at the Yas Marina Circuit but as the off-season shuffle begins and motor racing’s best drivers shift to their new jobs, or the lack of one, it’s the available odds on Leclerc winning the 2019 F1 WDC that are most telling, his move to Ferrari slashing his price at sites like Unibet, one of the best online betting sites in Australia these days, closing all the way up from the stratospheric at Sauber to just 9/1 today, but does the 21 year-old have a chance?

Odds on Leclerc

The 2018 Formula One season ended in Riyadh with donuts in the start-finish straight and the retirement of the legend that is Fernando Alonso. It was a fitting send off, but as soon as the smoke cleared and the interviews were done the sport immediately turned its attention to next year with more than a few eyebrows raised at the odds on Leclerc winning the 2019 F1 WDC having closed up to 9/1 on sites like Unibet placing him ahead of even Valtteri Bottas at 14/1.

But you shouldn’t take advantage of Australian gambling laws to back him. Mercedes won’t allow Bottas to win a championship whilst Lewis Hamilton, who just 8/11 to be the champ next season too, is still racing and, whilst Sebastian Vettel gets 10/3 to take another title, 2018 saw him and Ferrari squander chances hither and yon. Some have observed those 9/1 odds on Leclerc winning the 2019 F1 WDC might be even shorter were he driving for a more reliable team.

Will Vettel Win In Australia In 2019 Too?

Image result for max verstappenMeanwhile Max Verstappen will be hoping the 9/2 he gets at sites like Unibet is a tad unfair and he and Red Bull stand a far better chance at the title, although those odds on Leclerc winning the 2019 F1 WDC won’t please Max, but what will really upset him is that Charles gets just 3/1 to win the title before 2020. He also gets just 5/4 to get a podium finish in the first race next season and if you like to bet on sports in Australia that’s a good wager. Ferrari do well down under.

They do so well Charlie gets a reasonable 6/1 to win in Australia, and if you think the odds on Leclerc winning the 2019 F1 WDC are short, the odds on him coming in the top three at the end of next season are almost microscopic at just 11/8, and his team mate Sebastian Vettel should be aware bookies like Unibet give Charles an alarmingly low 11/4 to win more races than the German, a possibility which is probably aiding Ferrari get just 5/2 to win the Constructors title.

Odds On Leclerc Winning The 2019 F1 WDC Just 9/1 At Unibet

Mercedes are still favorites to get that trophy too, the bookies give them 8/15 to do so, with Red Bull unlikely at 7/2, unless their engine woes really are at an end, and no one else in the distinctly two tiered universe of Formula One has a hope in hell. Notably Nico Hulkenberg won the “best of the rest” competition, those outside the big three, in 2018, and celebrated the achievement in Saudi Arabia by flipping his car over and hanging upside down in it whilst it burned “like a cow”.

Any Australian gambling news next March will be of a dull Grand Prix in Melbourne hasn’t been paying attention. Are Lando Norris and George Russell in over their heads? Can Alexander Albon drive a real car? Will Robert Kubica lose his other arm? And just who the hell is Antonio Giovinazzi? One of the reasons the odds on Leclerc winning the 2019 F1 WDC are so short at Unibet is because there are way too many variables to be sure of anything before the Aussie GP.

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